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February 25th, 2015

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Specialized Housing Braves the Storms

During the historic blizzard of January ’15, the Groundhog’s Day storm, and yet again during the February 9th storm, the roads were a mess. The Mayor urged everyone to stay home, if possible. People parked their cars, cuddled up with friends and family, and settled in for, sometimes, days at a time. Not our Specialized Housing [...]

February 24th, 2015

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Welcome Julie

Specialized Housing is thrilled to announce that a new manager has joined our American Training family! With over 14 years of Human Services experience, Julie Morin comes to us as our new manager of both our Davis Road and Chadwick Road homes. “I am really lucky! Both programs have great Colleagues working there. The transition has been [...]

February 19th, 2015

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The Super Size Of Challenges

ATI Colleagues are taking on the New Year in a BIG way with another round of the Biggest Loser Challenge. Only this time, the challenge is much BIGGER; it is the Super-Size of challenges. On January 5, 45 American Training Colleagues weighed in and took on an eight-week weight-loss challenge.  Each Colleague paid $20.00 toward the [...]

February 10th, 2015

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Are You Listening?

Is there a difference between listening and hearing? You’re right, there is. Let me preface this by saying I’m a happily married man. But when my wife asks me if I’m listening and I respond “I hear you,” what does that mean? Is it that I hear the noises coming out of her mouth or [...]

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