Our WOW! Magic

WOW! Magic. It's what sets us apart.

Our WOW! Magic guides not only what we do but how we deliver every service, program and procedure. Our WOW! Magic gets attention and inspires excellence, while leaving a lasting, Outrageously Memorable impression. Consider it Extraordinary Customer Service… only Supersized!

We, at American Training, have a very special philosophy that guides the way we work each day. It’s called WOW! Magic, American Training’s Unique & Different Way of Working. Imagine a day filled with unexpected opportunities to change lives for the better. Maybe your own life. Our WOW! Magic guides not only what we do, but how we deliver every service, program and procedure. Each Colleague gains a fresh, new outlook on how to present education and training programs and workshops, create more effective support systems, and provide feedback to ensure the highest quality available in our industry. When our Colleagues take control of even mundane tasks, they generate an enthusiasm that guarantees you will get the best programming in our area. We work diligently to make our programs not only educational and therapeutic, but FUN and Entertaining as well.  In the end, each person we serve benefits because we strongly believe that people learn and work better, as well as more effectively, when they love what they do and are having FUN. Find out for yourself. We want to make your being here the experience that begins to make your dreams come true.

From the mundane to the Outrageously Memorable!

Here's how it works.  Our Goal is to make everything we do Outrageously Memorable; that means every activity we conduct, every lecture we present and every procedure we create to streamline every-day mundane tasks. We ask our Colleagues to approach everything they do in an outstanding way. We ask them not to just show up for work each day and go through the motions. We want them to produce Outrageously Memorable days where every Guest, Resident, and Student leaves us saying WOW! Our Signature Events like Spring Break, the Celebrate Good Times Gala, Tie Dye Day & Carnivale, and our the Life Matters Awards Gala epitomize what WOW! Magic is all about.  These events are Unique & Different each year and always Outrageously Memorable, leaving people talking about them for weeks afterwards.

Making Life Matter one person at a time.

Approaching each and every day with the same passion for excitement and FUN guarantees that no day is boring.  In fact, the result of such attention to detail is that each person we serve has a greater opportunity to fall in love with learning and creating more meaningful lives. Our WOW! Magic leads us to put in that extra effort, to go the extra mile and to put those we serve first.  It reminds us each and every day to Bring Out the Best in every person with whom we are working.  And by doing so, we show each Guest, Resident, and Student just how much Every Life Matters.

The Principles of WOW! Magic

Extraordinary Customer Service

Unique & Different

Outrageously Memorable

We’re committed to bringing out the best in everyone.
We promise to make Life Matter.

We look forward to hearing from you!