Our Humble Beginnings

From a run-down plumbing warehouse to our new, dramatic, resort-like education and training facility we continue to be singularly focused on making every Life Matter for people with disabilities, those on assistance, youth-at-risk, veterans and senior citizens.

The Early Days

From those humble beginnings in 1979 as the Lawrence Rehabilitation Services Center, Incorporated to Lawrence Rehab in 1982, and finally to American Training in 1987, we have been fortunate to have experienced consistent strategic growth and success. Those early days were a challenge. For eight long years, in an old plumbing warehouse, unanticipated expenses, unexpected capital expenditures, and a main facility that leaked every time it rained, resulted in many physically tiring days and sleepless nights. Throw in regular power shortages and a stolen car every once in a while, and it was easy to convince ourselves to move on to bigger and better things. Through it all, we developed a toughness and attitude to rise above the barriers put in our way and always with a smile. We never stopped believing in the ability of our family of dedicated and passionate Colleagues to pull together and deliver the very best quality of services you could find anywhere. More than anything else, our Colleagues developed an even deeper commitment to the belief that every Guest, Student, and Resident had within them the potential to make more out of their lives – potential that would give more meaning to each life. That belief drove each of us to focus on "Bringing Out the BEST in Everyone We Touch Because Every Life Matters!" It was and continues to be our unwavering mission.

Taking Giant Steps

What began as a team of 32 dedicated professionals and a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue that very first year, has grown over the past three decades to over 300+ Colleagues and $17 million in comprehensive services to our communities. Throughout our history, we made our mark for reliable and effective service delivery one person and one success story at a time. What started out as a one-site, one-city company has expanded into a regional source of opportunities for those needing our support. With current operations at 21 sites in 12 cities and towns north of Boston, we continue to demonstrate our combined passion for the people we serve. Recognition of the highest levels of quality and satisfaction continues to be earned through CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and Survey & Certification (Massachusetts Department of Disabilities Services). We have received national recognition as a past Presidential Award Nominee through the United States Department of Labor and as the longest consecutive Contractor of the Year Award winner through the Merrimack Valley Regional Employment Board (WIB). Our activities are licensed and accredited at the national, state, and local levels.

Looking Toward Tomorrow

American Training has become a quiet leader in its efforts to introduce people from all walks of life to the rewarding potential that lies within. We provide education, training, support, nursing, residential and transportation services in a manner that insists on respect and dignity, and follows our exclusive WOW! Magic. Each program encourages every guest, student, and resident to live more meaningful lives by showing them how much their Life Matters and how to get there. With this spirit in mind, we invite you to join us in continuing to make the New American Training a Fun & Entertaining place in which to work, learn, and live. When we all do our part, the results can be amazing. Whether as a Colleague, Guest, Student, Resident, or partner, there is no better time than the present to become part of our efforts to truly become "World Famous!"

We’re committed to bringing out the best in everyone.
We promise to make Life Matter.

We look forward to hearing from you!