Day Services

At Day Services we empower Guests to create the most meaningful life imaginable.

Our aim is to get people participating fully in their community. We wholeheartedly support our Guests' right to be productive workers by holding jobs in the community, becoming contributors of goodwill by way of volunteer opportunities, and being valued neighbors and friends through social and recreational activities. By taking a holistic approach and matching resources and education, each person has the opportunity to build the most meaningful life imaginable. All services are provided in a WOW! Magic atmosphere available exclusively at American Training.  

Day Services makes available four (4) distinct areas of focus, each with its own unique features:

The Day Hab program primarily addresses medical, clinical and therapeutic needs of each Guest. With a concentration on sensorimotor, communication, social, independent living, affective and behavior development, it is designed to improve communication and self-help skills in both traditional and innovative settings. Nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy are also provided for people with a wide range of abilities, interests, and skills.

Although all activities are goal-specific, they are also meaningful and functional to each Guest, offering a fun yet challenging component to their day.

Our Day-to-Day Therapeutic Fun component encourages Guests to choose activities, as well as opportunities, offered by organizations such as MSPCA Volunteer Projects, the YMCA and local libraries.

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Our Employment Program is an innovative concept that enables Guests to enjoy productive days filled with WOW! Magic curriculum and activities, which promote motivation and success through community involvement and volunteer opportunities that focus on individualized education, training, and job placement.


We work closely with Guests and their families/care providers to determine which employment opportunities will be the best fit. The perfect employment plan will look different for each Guest because it is customized to each individual need.

Guest Centered

Our Guest-centered approach translates into more successful employment outcomes and more meaningful lives for those we serve.



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StarWorks builds confidence and skills leading to employment for people of all levels of abilities and challenges, those already having a marketable skill, those with limited or no skills, and those with limited or no working experience.

By assessing current abilities, determining which marketable skills ought to be developed to become employed, and providing vocational and personal counseling, we get people closer to becoming fully involved with their community.

Identifying an array of resources available both within and outside American Training not only makes the process more likely to succeed. It gives each Guest a reference to access future services to keep and maintain their job.

With a new-found confidence and belief in themselves, it is easy to see how much more each person’s life matters.

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Each gift you make significantly impacts our ability to maintain a history of excellence that began more than 40 years ago.  With the need greater today than ever before, we want to be able to continue being that source of inspiration to those who need our support and encouragement to begin living more meaningful and rewarding lives. When you give to American Training, you give locally to programs and services that are available right in your own community.  That means you can actually see first-hand the direct results of your generosity.

Thank You, in advance, for joining with us to make every Life Matter for those who deserve so much more.  And Thank You for the confidence you have in the work we do each and every day.

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