April 25th, 2016

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Fun Facts & Famous Birthdays in April

Before we bid farewell to the month of April, which brought more snow showers than rain showers this year, let’s take a look at some interesting facts that our Business Office Colleague Carmen put together.

Did you know?

  • April was the second month in an early Roman calendar, but became the fourth when the ancient Romans started using January as the first month.
  • April is named for the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.
  • The name for the month of April originally came for Aprilis which means to open.
  • Small animals that hibernate are usually coming out of their burrows in April. The birds fly back northward and settle down to have their families. The bees and butterflies begin to gather nectar from the first flowers of the season.
  • In some parts of the world, it is planting time, while in other parts, it is the harvest season.
  • April is Humor Month, so laugh it up!
  • The birthstone for April is the diamond.
  • The zodiac signs are Aries (March 21 – April 19) and Taurus (April 20-May 20).
  • The birth flowers for the month of April are the sweet pea and the daisy.

Historical moments in the month of April

  • America’s first astronauts were announced by NASA on April 9, 1959.
  • The first Webster Dictionary was copyrighted by Noah Webster on April 14, 1828.
  • The Titanic sank on April 15, 1912.
  • The Revolutionary War in America began on April 19, 1775.
  • The United States Library of Congress was established April 24, 1800.
  • Our first President George Washington was inaugurated on April 30, 1789.

Special Days in the month of April

  • The first day of April is April Fools Day, when children and grown-ups play jokes on one another.
  • April 22 is Earth Day.
  • April 2 is Light It Up Blue for Autism Day and the whole month is Autism Awareness Month.
  • Arbor Day is a day for planting trees, and it is observed on various April days.
  • The Jewish festival of Pescah, or Passover, is celebrated early in April.
  • Easter is almost always in April, and, with it comes other Christian celebrations such as Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.
  • April is also the month of the Thai New Year in Thailand and the Khmer New Year in Cambodia.

April is also host to some famous birthdays

Share your fun facts for the month of April below!

35 Responses to “Fun Facts & Famous Birthdays in April”

  1. I was born on April 14 th and in this month i find out that there is so much celebration, laughter’s, peace, loved shared and financial balance. I love this month mostly because i have so many briany friends, family, and colleges that are born.

  2. Pius kimutai says:

    Wow!Goodness this is the day I came into existence too..it’s really amazing day!..pick up from Kenya

  3. HRT says:

    It’s called Pesach, not Pescah, just FYI.

  4. Karl says:

    also, Hitler with who I share a birthday with was born on April 20th

  5. julieann crisp says:


  6. Nick Wayne says:

    April is my favorite month of the year. The birds, the flowers, the grass is turning green. Magical

  7. Jenkins m. Gaye Jr says:

    April is my favorite month, and I share a birthday with Jackie Chan

  8. Mrs. J. Miller-Jackson says:

    My daughter was born on Earth Day. My mother was born in April as well. Yay, APRIL.

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  21. […] American Training Inc: “April is named for the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.” […]

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