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Contract Services

Thomas M. Connors, President & CEO, American Training, Inc.Contract Services represents a ROI that is too good to ignore. Both in terms of money to your bottom line and giving back to your community.

– Thomas M. Connors
President & CEO, American Training, Inc.

What Are Contract Services?

Contract Services at American TrainingAmerican Training’s Contract Services Division allows your business to improve efficiency and maximize ROI, while also giving back to your community and those in need. When good business does GOOD, that’s something special.

If you need to outsource manufacturing or other business processes, you have a couple of options. You can outsource overseas or south of the border, like your competition may already be doing. Or, you can use a proven source right in your own backyard — right here in America — that is just as, if not more, efficient and profitable, by working with people with disabilities.

Our people with disabilities are Americans in your community who want to work. Compared to other sources of outsourced labor, they are just as capable, and even more eager to work for YOU.

At American Training, our people with disabilities are not looking for a handout. They are looking for work. They want to be productive members of our community, earning a living wage, and giving back.

With a workforce of close to 200 people with disabilities at the ready, Contract Services is right here in your own backyard. With our efficiencies in pricing, quality, and delivery, you have the potential not only to add to your bottom line, but reassign your current employees to areas in which they can be even more productive.

When you do business with us, you improve ROI and also put money back into your community. But there’s much more…

Rewards Far Beyond the Bottom Line

Financially, you are going to get a great deal with us. You’re also going to get something much more valuable. You’ll be part of a network of business people who show our guests just how much their LIFEMATTERS!

Contract Services at American TrainingYour involvement is about opportunity. It’s about dignity and respect. It’s about making all those things possible because you give our people the chance to earn a paycheck each week.

It’s about YOU working to make the world a better place… in your community… a few people at a time! And that’s a sense of self-worth and accomplishment that money alone just can’t buy!

I can guarantee that when you personally see our people with disabilities working on your product or performing a service on your behalf, you will know from the get-go that you’ve made the right decision — not just from a business standpoint, but from a human standpoint: You’re making sure LIFEMATTERS! for some very talented, hard-working people who have disabilities.

Our Guarantee & Three Commitments to You

Here is our guarantee. Your work will be done to your satisfaction. Period. Or we’ll eat it!

Why are we so confident? After 31 years in business, we are a proven, effective outsourcing, fulfillment, packaging, and assembly alternative.

We know how and where we can save you money, time, or both. Here are our three commitments to you:

Contract Services at American Training1) Competitive Pricing

Costs are known right up front. No surprises. You pay only for the work we do with our approved piece-rate formula.

You don’t pay for coffee/smoking breaks or costly benefits. That gives you the ability to direct your resources more effectively into other areas.

Compare that to your typical temp-employee and the hourly wage you are paying.

2) Quick Turnaround & On-Time Delivery

Our quick turnaround and on-time delivery are ranked strongest by companies doing business with us.

Meeting your timelines is possible because of the workforce available in our Lawrence, Lowell, and Wakefield, MA, sites. These three locations give you maximum productivity involving over 200 workers.

We are flexible and adjust quickly to get your job back to you, completed and on time.

3) First-Rate Quality

We don’t compromise. Our quality is measured to your unique and customized standards.

We use multiple levels of checking to make sure all our counts are accurate and your specific standards are met. When you get your completed work back or delivered directly to your customer, you can be sure it was done right.

Contact Us

If you’d like more information on how American Training’s Contract Services can benefit your business operations, please feel free to contact American Training CEO Tom Connors:

Tom Connors
Office: 978-685-2151