November 28th, 2016

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ATI Takes Home 1st Place Finish at Festival of Trees Again

For the second year in a row, our tree submission to the Methuen Festival of Trees has earned us a first place finish in the Best Children’s Theme category! We now have two Conifer Awards on our shelf!

Our Clinical Services team, who created a magnificent Oz-themed showpiece last year, followed up their big win with a “Christmas in Neverland” masterpiece this year.

The creative tree features familiar faces of beloved Neverland Characters meticulously carved out of foam pumpkins coated with a sparkling metallic silver coat and swirls of glitter. The layers of pumpkins are divided by Tinkerbell’s bright green skirt; which cascade in parallel lines, breaking up its four sections. Scattered about on each level is Captain Hook’s gold doubloons, accompanied by dangling silver bells.

A Christmas tree is just not complete without its skirt; this one of a kind, hand painted masterpiece, shares the joy of four different Neverland locations and numerous adored characters; the vibrant tones of turquoise and blue are highlighted off the silver pumpkins, as it stands out against the rest of the large green tree. In its entirety, the Neverland Christmas tree is just over 10-feet tall and was the product of multiple ATI clinicians working together on Carol Williams’ vision.

After a few trips to Neverland for Spring Break, the Celebrate Good Times Gala, the Mayor’s Cup, and the Life Matters Awards Gala, our team has passed the second star to right and straight on ’til morning more than most. They know exactly how to get to Neverland, but more importantly, they know exactly how to bring this magical land to you.

Like with all things WOW! Magic, however, you really need to see it in person to understand just how amazing this tree truly is. You can check it out at the Festival, which features so many fabulous trees, now through Dec. 3. Find out more and purchase tickets here. And be sure to stop by our award winning “Christmas in Neverland” tree.

Check out a few photos of this year’s tree below and last year’s tree here. Be sure to congratulate the team behind the scenes: Carol, Maxine, Crystal, and Karen! Great job, ladies! We’re so proud to count you as members of the endlessly talented American Training Family!

4 Responses to “ATI Takes Home 1st Place Finish at Festival of Trees Again”

  1. Hiedi Keefer says:

    Awesome job ladies!!! I got to see it on Saturday night. It’s beautiful! Everyone was raving about it and the raffle tickets were overflowing so clearly lots of people want to win it!! Two years in a row!! Wooo hooo!

  2. Joanna Schmergel says:


    Our family just found out that we won your beautiful Neverland tree this morning! My 3 year-old daughter and 4.5 year-old son are thrilled! It is so amazing I think we will keep it for a few days and then donate it and set it up at a local charity or municipal organization here in Lincoln for many more children to enjoy! Thank you so much!

    The Schmergels

  3. Mikaela Reynolds says:

    Joanna, thank you so much for sharing! Congratulations! We are so happy to hear your family will be enjoying this imaginative tree and that you are so kind to share the magic with others! We truly hope you enjoy your “Christmas in Neverland” experience!

  4. Rhonda Pineiro says:

    Awesome job ladies! Congratulations on your WOW! Magic!

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