Spring Break 2016: Neverland

We traveled, by pixie dust, to Neverland for Spring Break 2016! Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. There we arrived to find Mermaid Lagoon, the infamous Croc, Big Ben, and more.

The day, an annual event, is meant to train, inspire, and bring our Colleagues together. And like all Spring Breaks before this, all of that and more was accomplished. But this year brought its own WOW! Magic in the form of Neverland, and the idea of never growing up. We helped each and every adult in the room find his or her inner child with our “No Grown Ups Allowed” Competition. Each branch elected team members to compete in the three main events.

The competition began with Musical Chairs, but with a special ATI twist. In our version, each song was the signature song of a specific dance, like the Macarena or the Cupid Shuffle. Participants danced their way around the chairs, Walking Like an Egyptian or doing the Charleston, until we had our winner, Priyana from Team Admin.

Next up was Jeoprdy-style trivia, with various categories and values under each category. Participants were required to answer in question form with topics ranging from television shows from our yesteryears to company history to the silly things we believed as children (like a moon made of cheese). Again Team Admin. walked away with the win, with Specialized Housing coming in second.

Scores were tight heading into the final round with Admin., Specialized Housing, and Day Services just a few points apart. Then Simon Says began. After several commands, it was apparent that Simon couldn’t confuse our final five Colleagues and each of the competitors left were awarded first place finishes.

The competition ended with Team Admin. in first, taking home the WOW! Magic trophy for the first time ever! The final scores were as follows:

Total Scores
Team Admin. – 24
Team Day Services – 16
Team Specialized Housing – 11
Team LARE – 9
Team Vanway – 7
Team Clinical – 7

Immediately following the competition, we were treated to the world premiere of Neverland’s Got Talent, and WOW! what a talented community! We were treated to singing, dancing, and beautiful displays of artistic expression. In the end, our top three finishers were: a beautiful dance called Dominican Palos at Neverland starring Annalise Vasquez, Glenys Caceres, Johanny Catalino, Karen Morales, and Dalynet Santiago in third;  A rendition of Adele’s “When We Were Young” by Amy Martens in second; and a visual and musical performance called The Dedication performed by Sam Hy and Ya Rath in first.

But before all the fun was had, our day began with a very significant and important training called Active Shooter: Suviving an Incident of Violence by Blue-U Defense. Two NH officers, Lt. Terry Choate and Det. Joseph Hileman, shared with us the key to survival: the ability to “make the right decision in fractions of a second”. Their training was thought provoking and empowering. Learn more about this training and other trainings they offer here.

Check out more photos from the day below with a full album here and photos from 2015’s Spring Break Bootcamp here.


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