Mayor’s Cup Regatta 2016

Eight pirates. One Best Costume Award. And lots of fun! The Mayor’s Cup Regatta was awesome!!

Sunday, July 10th, was the annual AccesSportAmerica fundraiser, the regatta, in which various teams compete in a rowing competition, rowing down the Charles in search of victory.

Our friends at Ultimate Parking sponsored a boat for us, and we brought the WOW! Magic in full force! Our team, the Jolly Rogers, arrived in their pirate gear, led by the fearless Captain Hook.

But Hook and his pirates weren’t alone. A few more familiar faces from Neverland were there. We had Peter Pan, his famous shadow, the Lost Boys, and even a few fairies. And though they don’t always see eye-to-eye with Captain Hook and his crew, they were all there to cheer them on at the Mayor’s Cup.

Hook and his seven best rowers took to the Charles River and paddled their way to a 10:01 finish time. But that wasn’t all. They also earned first place in the Best Costume category, or as the announcer declared, they earned Best in Show!

The Jolly Rogers Crew:
  • Captain of the boat, Captain Hook, otherwise known as Adam Jackson. Known to all around for his swashbuckling skills and spreading the WOW! Magic. But he better not catch you without a smile, or he’ll make you walk the plank.
  • And the Captain’s first mate, Smee, otherwise known as Lang Grady. He certainly knows how to run a tight ship. You may think Captain Hook’s in charge but it’s Smee who gets the pick of all the treasure that these pirates plunder.
  • Then there’s Ivette “Cannonball” Colon, who’s Outrageously Memorable as the first deckhand you’ll meet when boarding the Jolly Roger. She’s tough but fair and best known as a ferocious rower.
  • There’s no sailor quite like Sail Rigging Rizzo, otherwise known as Marcela. She is always ready to turn your ordinary upside down with her WOW! Magic.
  • There’s also Vicious Vasquez, also known as Johanna, who’s tough on the outside but unexpectedly soft on the inside. But don’t tell her we told you that.
  • You better watch your treasure around Kathleen “Crook” Carroll. She’s likely to pilfer your gold doubloons if you don’t keep a close eye on them.
  • Elizaida “Lawless” Cruz is most recognizable by her skull and crossbones eye patch. But that doesn’t take away from her vision of inspiring her crew mates to WOW! Magic.
  • Yari the Ruthless, otherwise known as Yari Alicea, is no landlubber but she does enjoy spending time on a Desert Island where she is the best coconut shucker on the crew.

We enjoyed a luau, complete with live music and performances, and some amazing food! The whole day was really incredible!

Thank you to all who came out to join us and support us, to Ultimate Valet for their sponsorship, and to AccesSportAmerica for hosting such a great event! And congratulations to all of our fellow competitors!

Want to join us in Neverland again this fall and experience even more WOW! Magic? Check out our Life Matters Awards Gala 2016 here.

Check out a few pictures from the Mayor’s Cup Regatta below.

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