August 1st, 2017

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Wild Hair and Mismatched Shoes at Vanway’s 2nd Annual Spirit Week

Wild hairstyles, mismatched outfits, and football pads filled the halls of American Training, leaving our ATI Family with one conclusion: it must be Vanway’s Spirit Week! For the second year in a row, our Vanway Colleagues participated in a festive week of wacky attire and fun.

How the week came to be!
During the branch’s monthly meeting, Colleagues were asked about their ideas for Spirit Week. From their input, Vanway Director Robin created a fun-filled week of bonding for her team and entertainment for our Guests. Not only would our transportation Colleagues dress up, but they’d also decorate their vans and bring each day’s spirit to life for everyone who traveled with them.

It was a huge success!
Our drivers and monitors loved it. They declared it was “so much fun” and they loved “looking at some of the crazy outfits.” They also noted that Colleagues from other branches mentioned the desire to participate next year.  One Colleague even noted, “the feedback from our Guests and Colleagues has been great, some of our other Colleagues have even asked to take pictures with us.” And the best feedback of all came from our Guests who absolutely loved the wild outfits and fun that came with them. “Our Guests loved it and got a big kick out of seeing us dressed crazy everyday,” said one Colleague.

Getting competitive!
To amp up the fun for the Colleagues, each day was a competition to see who could bring the most spirit with their getups, van decorations, and commitment to the daily theme. Winners were chosen each day and awarded gift cards. As the week went on, things got competitive. Wheels were spinning, ideas were flowing, and the glue guns were glowing as our Colleagues stepped up their effort and creativity.

Why we do it!
Vanway is not only about transporting our Guests to and from programs, but also about entertaining our Guests in a fun and safe way. We want to go above and beyond and deliver Exceptional Customer Service. It’s all a part of the WOW! Magic. And, Spirit Week was just a taste of that fun, for both our Colleagues and our Guests!

And the week begins!

Vanway fast forwarded the clock a few months and celebrated Christmas in July by decorating their vans and themselves and topping it off with a Christmas in July Party. They feasted on rice, meatballs, empanadas, macaroni salad, and so much more. A very delicious cake was served! And everything was made and brought in by our Colleagues! Some of our Guests were even lucky enough to find a little present on the seats of their vans, left by their Christmas in July elf!

It was nothing to lose your head over, but our Vanway Colleagues tried out some wacky hairstyles and wild hats for Crazy Hair & Hat Day!

Oh HUMP day you had us muddled! Nothing matched. Not nails. Not socks. Not shoes. Not outfits. And some of it was even inside out or backwards! But it was all for Wacky Wednesday. (We wonder if anyone had any errands to run on the way home in those wild outfits!)

Jerseys ruled the roads on Thursday as our Vanway Colleagues took us out to the ballgame with Sports Day! One of our Colleagues even treated the team to hot dogs and chips to make it more of a reality! Vanway is all about teamwork, and to prove it they supported some of their favorite teams.

Our drivers and monitors showed up in orange, some from head to toe, leaving the rest of us to ask if it was just an orange day or was there something more. That’s when we found out, it was ORANGE you glad it’s FRIDAY!

The week may be over, but this Spirit Week definitely caught the attention of others with some very Unique & Different themes and Outrageously Memorable outfits!

What was your favorite day or getup? Share it below, along with any suggestions for next year’s themes!

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  1. Rhonda Pineiro says:

    I had a blast all week! We made our Guests laugh so hard it was funny. Their facial expressions and kool aid smiles were priceless! They wished they could do it too!

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