September 22nd, 2015

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Quilting Memories of WOW! Magic

Quilting is the art of stitching together pieces of cloth in an ornamental pattern or design, to create a coverlet made of two layers that encase a wool or down center. This art form has historically been used as a way to tell one’s own story, of family, of triumphs and of trials. It has been refined, perfected, and handed down from one generation to another, for centuries.

Our wonderful summer Interns from Turning Point Inc.’s Urban Youth Collaborative Program, Luilly Gonza-lez, Joel Tavarez, Chantheara Ouk, Tran Luu & Lena Lu, thought of no better way to keep their time and memories with us alive, here at American Training, than to stitch their own handmade quilt of memories.

Collecting pieces of cloth, taken from old t-shirts, donated by each of our Guests, the team created a beautiful quilt.

They not only incorporated pieces from each of Guests, but also their own stories. Through images, they told the stories of moments they shared with us and our ATI family members. They even interviewed each Guest and stitched memories and pieces of their lives into each of the quilted squares.

When this beautiful quilt was finished, stitched top to bottom through their own hard work and with the help of a few Colleagues, they gave this special keepsake as a parting gift to our Guests and Colleagues, as a way to remember them, and the moments we shared with them.

This thoughtful and handmade gift showed us that they not only embraced our WOW! Magic, but they truly became a part of it.

To learn how to make your own quilt of memories, click here.
To check out some of the events and moments highlighted in the quilt, visit our events page and blog.

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