June 8th, 2015

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Diversity Day Celebration

All of our wonderful Specialized Housing Residents were invited by the Colleagues of our Mass. Avenue home to celebrate Diversity Day at our Davis Road home recently.

We all know that ATI is the epitome of diversity; ethnic, racial, religious, orientation, class, ability; we are a microcosm of the whole world. This diversity makes our homes such amazing places to live in and work at. “Respect for all” is not our official motto, but it sure does describe our style.

Karen Morales, one of our terrific Colleagues, got the idea to celebrate Diversity Day the WOW! Magic way. She organized an event, and with contributions from her teammates, she showed us all the way to throw a party.

Decorations, flags from many nations, and music from around the world greeted all guests upon arrival. Colleagues from multiple homes brought food that represented the best of their background. Residents helped with the preparation, too. This event truly was a team effort.

We all enjoyed food from around the world while learning more about our Colleagues and Residents. We learned so much about other cultures, lifestyles, and all the wonderful things that make us different.


Overheard at ATI’s recent Diversity Day Celebration: “This party was so much fun!”

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