September 22nd, 2017

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Bill Webster and Growing in the WOW! Magic

American Training is home to many Exceptional Colleagues. They come to us with exceptional qualities. Then we help them bring those qualities to the forefront by placing them in positions that let them shine, giving them opportunities that help them grow, and encouraging them to live their passion, here at ATI and beyond our walls.

One of those Exceptional Colleagues is Bill Webster who has grown so much in his time here at ATI. He joined the American Training Family in November 2005 as a monitor for our Vanway team. He immediately loved working with our Guests.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” he said of his first day. “Now I look at how far I’ve come and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Bill eventually moved on to driving, and soon after, started working as relief for our Day Programs. He knew then that he wanted to do more.

“I wanted to have a more active role working with our Guests,” he said.

Bill joined our Wakefield team, full-time, earlier this year, and it was instantly clear that he had found the right fit in a position where he could shine.

“Each day is a new adventure,” he said. “I learn something new and beneficial every day.”

Bill’s manager, program director Jessica Cousins, said he’s been a great fit for the newly modified CBDS Mobile program, which has our Guests on the road with Colleagues, seeking employment opportunities, learning more about the community, and exploring the Valley and beyond.

“Bill is great with networking and is always developing new and exciting opportunities for our Guests,” said Jessica. “He has been incredibly successful with the CBDS Mobile program, integrating our Guests into the community for employment, cultural enrichment, fitness, job club, recreation, and many other great opportunities.”

Bill is not only finding success in his new position, but also fulfillment.

“I love the fact that I have learned more about myself as a person as well as more about compassion, humility, passion, fun, entertainment, and open-mindedness than I ever could have experienced at any other place of employment.”

As for what he loves most about the job, he said, “The time I get so spend out in the community with my Guests.”

Bill feels lucky to work with our Guests and Jessica feels lucky to count him as a part of her team in Wakefield.

“He is a great role model for our Guests and Colleagues due to his dedication, compassion, and positive outlook. Bill is a fantastic team member and an appreciated asset to his peers,” she said. “He loves and lives the WOW! Magic and tries to get involved any way he can.”

We can all certainly relate to the appreciation for our wonderful Colleagues like Bill!
Keep up the great work, Bill!
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