December 23rd, 2014

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3 Simple Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

As we roll into the New Year, we all fall victim to New Year’s resolutions going by the wayside. Although this is never our intent, it is almost inevitable to lose sight of these usually lofty goals. Ambition skyrockets on the first of January and slowly dwindles as the days go by. Bad habits are kicked to the curb, gym memberships spike and kitchen cabinets go bare during the start of our twelve month diet. But how can we actually make resolutions stick?

It is of utmost importance to first be realistic about the goals we set, so take time to reflect on what truly matters to you. This time of year is known for self-improvement in several facets of life—from physical and mental health to how to better spend leisure time to relationships, and everything in between.

Parallel to our Positive Behavioral Supports approach that we follow at ATI, these tips may just help you to achieve those New Year’s goals:

1.Systematically break down your goals in order to focus on one small change at a time. And be specific with each step. Start small and make the first step incredibly easy to achieve. With each small victory comes a sense of empowerment, leading towards greater overall success.

2. Keep your goals in a positive light. Do not use negative language or place heavy demands on yourself. If you don’t happen to make it to the gym one day, or forgot to call your loved one as promised, be sure to avoid self-deprecating language. Instead focus on the positive feelings that surround you when you are successful.

3. Do not forget to reward yourself when you are successful. This self-love is essential for success!

Fun Fact: Experts say it takes 21 days in a row to break or form a habit. If you repeat a behavior enough times, it will become instinctive.

As the holidays approach, remember…don’t put so much pressure on yourself, be realistic, start small, and only make one change at a time.

Enjoy your Holidays!

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