December 22nd, 2015

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When You Wish Upon An American Training Star

“When you wish upon a star…makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires, will come to you.”

It’s that time of year at American Training and “Wish Upon A Star” would like to hear from you. “Wish Upon A Star” is a group of American Training Colleagues, our elves, who together work to make others’ lives a little better.

The Holidays, as special as they are, can be a time of worry – how to pay for all those gifts, how to plan a dinner after buying all those gifts, maybe a spouse is not working, we all know someone who could use that little something extra. Or maybe that special person does everything for everyone else and never thinks of themselves, how sweet it would be to be thought of this season.

If you know a Colleague, Guest, Resident, or Student, or anyone in the ATI Family that may need some help this season, please make the nomination. Spread the WOW! Magic!

Nominations can be sent to this email. We are accepting nominations now. And please remember, nominations are meant to be kept secret, so please do not share your nominations with anyone.

Happy Holidays!

It’s a WOW! Magic time of year!

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