April 6th, 2016

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Three Cheers for our Wetherbee Student Volunteers!

Students from the local Wetherbee School in Lawrence have been enthusiastically volunteering here at American Training for the past 3 years. During their time with us they have consistently done an amazing job interacting and working with Guests in our Day Services branch during various groups, activities and training exercises. Their presence has not only fostered a sense of personal growth and achievement within themselves but also within our Guests as well.  Below you will find an excerpts from an open letter of thanks and appreciation to the Wetherbee School Students and Faculty for the difference they have made in the lives of those they have touched while volunteering with us, and for truly embracing and spreading our WOW! Magic culture.

Wetherbee School Students and Faculty;

What a pleasure it has been to have students from the Wetherbee School volunteer at American Training and get a taste of our WOW! Magic philosophy.


From the shy, and let’s face it, little nervous faces that first walked through the doors of American Training, we have watched the students grow into role models of how to work, teach, play and learn from adults with disabilities.

They learned and decoded braille, built bridges over water bowls with our Guests, completed role play activities while blindfolded to represent a vision impairment, walked with a marble in their shoe to represent mobility issues, wore mittens while completing tasks to simulate sensory issues, and used a wheelchair to navigate the corridors of 6 Campanelli Drive. Just when they were about to take off their blindfolds, get out of the wheelchair, or remove the marble and the mittens, we set off a mock fire drill, which they completed in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

We taught them about our Options Program, which is the key to Day Services. When options are few, choices are limited. When options are many and varied, so are the choices available. Life is about making choices, just think of how many choices you have made today. Shoes to wear, make-up to wear, which way to drive to work, how you like your coffee, and what shirt matched with what tie. These seem so simple to us, but for many these choices don’t exist. Giving people options gives them choices, and choices give them independence.

We are exceptionally proud of the students from the Wetherbee School. During the final week of the most recent group’s visit, we held a celebration with certificates of program completion, cupcakes, music, dancing and a few other surprises……what’s that I hear about a WOW! Magic  WETHERBEE DREAM GARDEN and TUNA PIZZA????


–  Adam Jackson

Check out a few pictures from our latest group of Wetherbee volunteers below.

3 Responses to “Three Cheers for our Wetherbee Student Volunteers!”

  1. kathy dube says:

    Congratulations! Our classroom motto: “We are family! ” lives on!
    So proud of the young adults that you have become!
    I miss you!
    Mrs. KS Dube

  2. Adam Jackson says:

    Everyone should be so proud….the future of our country is bright!! 🙂

  3. Tom Connors, President /CEO says:

    “You get what you give.” I am sure that each of you will be rewarded many times over for the respect, dignitu and genuine passion you brought to our facility and people with each and every visit. All of you made our Lives Matter just a little bit more because of our new friendships.

    You are Welcome anytime to return to say hello or some day become part of the American Training Family.

    Many Thanks to Fran B. At the Wetherbee School for conceptualizing this amazing opportunity and to Adam Jackson and Gail Roberts for making it a reality.

    I am so proud of all of you!

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