March 10th, 2017

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ATI’s Biggest Loser Challenge 2017

After 8 weeks of hard work and dedication to her weight loss program, Wesley Garcia weighed in as the winner of ATI’s Biggest Loser, dropping 18 lbs.

Wesley, along with 22 other Colleagues and 2 LARE Students stepped up to the scale on January 9th to weigh in for the 2017 Biggest Loser Challenge.  Over the following weeks, they collectively shed 99.9 pounds by watching what they ate and exercising.

They shared recipes and tips like “I try to pack lunches, salads and snacks for the week on Sunday so in the morning I can grab them quickly to take with me” or “I am cutting out most sugars (other than fruit) and most carbs other than a very small amount of whole grains, and of course limiting fats to a very small amount of healthy fats.” But eating healthier was only half the battle. They also charged up their fitness trackers and got competitive with their daily step counts.

On March 3, the final weigh-in day, everyone was eager to step on the scale. One by one they weighed in and one by one they walked away proud of their accomplishments. Out of the 25 challengers, more than 60% lost weight, making this the most successful challenge to date. That’s some real WOW! Magic!

Percentages of body weight lost were calculated and our winner, Wesley, a driver for Vanway, was announced. She walked away 18 lbs. lighter and with an extra $460 in her pocket. And she was kind enough to share her secret for success.

Wesley gave up coffee, soda, fast food, rice and her favorite mints.  She cut back on meats and focused on portion control and added protein shakes to her diet.  She also started using her treadmill as often as she could.

“I feel great and have more energy now,” she said.

Congratulations to Wesley and all of our Biggest Loser Challenge participants! Your dedication to your goals is something to be proud of! We truly have Exceptional Colleagues and an exceptional ATI Family!

Stay tuned for our next Biggest Loser Challenge, coming soon!

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