May 11th, 2017

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Here’s to our ATI Nurses, the Best of the Best

It’s National Nurses Week, so we thought we’d take a moment to thank our excellent nursing team, get to know them a little more, and share why we appreciate them, so very much!

Jane Barry

Jane has been working as a nurse since graduating, with honors, from Salem State 40 years ago. She originally became interested in nursing due to the high appeal of a nurse’s uniform; a pure white dress with white nylons and a matching white cap. She soon found that she loved the chaotic, fast paced environment of the ER, which has been her favorite work experience yet.

Jane has been working at American Training’s Andover Day Hab for 6 years now; she works alongside fellow nurse, Debbie Arcand, who says that Jane has a wonderful sense of humor. All her Colleagues agree, if it is not Jane’s adorable matching accessories that put a smile on your face, her vivacious, fun-loving personality will! And that’s what we love most about her!

When Jane is not caring for the Guests we support, she can be found tending to her themed gardens or eating her favorite snack, Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Debbie Arcand

Debbie has been a nurse for 43 years! It all started when she was in high school working as a nurse’s aide; she was not only good at it, but she enjoyed it as well, thus leading her to nursing school. She graduated from Youville Hospital School of Practical Nursing in Cambridge, MA. Debbie’s favorite class was Anatomy and Physiology, whilst Pediatrics fell flat.

American Training has has been blessed with Debbie’s presence for nearly 17 years. For a few of those years, Debbie has worked alongside fellow nurse Jane Barry, who talks about her contagious smile, which we can all agree is one of the brightest, and her ability to make others laugh.

Debbie enjoys the simple pleasures in life, AKA coffee with extra cream and extra sugar! Her weekends are spent reading books and dreaming of her favorite vacation spot, Aruba. When asked if she could be any ice cream flavor, she said “Cotton Candy flavored, because it’s the best!”

Michelle Forti

Michelle obtained her nursing degree from UMass Lowell, and has been a nurse for about 5 years. She says her favorite class, with no hesitation, was Clinical, while sharing her least favorite subject, Pediatrics, with fellow nurse Debbie. Michelle has been working in American Training’s Lowell Program for 1 year; she loves seeing our Guests make progress and putting a smile on their faces.

Michelle says that if she could be any ice cream flavor, she would be Neapolitan because it is a simple classic, yet full of flavor.

When she is not working, she is experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, walking her dog or eating chips and salsa! Like most ATI Colleagues, Michelle’s drink of choice is COFFEE! We appreciate most that she works with passion on a daily basis, and when it comes time to dive into a difficult situation, Michelle does not hesitate to put her skills to work.

Karen Grundy

What we love most about Karen is that she finds immense joy in helping others and has always thought the study of the human body was fascinating; those are the reasons Karen studied to be a nurse in the first place. She has been a nurse for 9 years, 7 of which she has worked for American Training! In school, she always thought psych nursing was the most interesting, while she found labor and delivery a bit repetitive.

Karen’s favorite snack to munch on is the ever popular Cheez-It, but she claims it needs to be paired with a glass of water to get the full effect. When asked where she likes to vacation, she pondered a while before explaining that it differs depending on where her son is stationed and living, but currently it’s California. When Karen is not caring for others, she can be found sipping unsweetened green tea while reading a novel.

Barbara Vanasse

Barbara has been a nurse since 1972 and has been working in American Training’s Wakefield office for 3 years now. Barbara attended St. Elizabeth’s Hospital School of Nursing in Boston, MA. It was there that she snacked on buttered popcorn while studying her favorite class, Anatomy and Physiology.

Today Barbara enjoys spending as much time with her grandkids as possible; she especially likes to go on the boat with them on Lake Winnipesaukee. When she is not babysitting, her free time is spent reading and going out for a weekend shopping spree. Barbara does not recall why she originally wanted to be a nurse, but said it was most likely because some of her friends went to nursing school, so she followed suit. She says she is very glad she made the decision to go! We are so grateful that Barbara loves being a part of the ATI Family and loves spending time with the Guests and helping all who need her.

Maxine Pierce

Maxine has been a nurse for 33 years, working for American Training for 16. She enjoys interacting with all of the Guests and her Colleagues. Our Colleagues describe Maxine as more than just a nurse; she is a wonderful creator of all things glittery – and we are thankful every day for that! Maxine says that the flexible hours and ability to help others is what drew her to obtain her nursing degree.

In her free time she enjoys the creative joys of life, painting, and remodeling. Her favorite vacation spot is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And, everyone that knows Maxine knows that her favorite drink is hot, hot coffee!

Serena Santoro

Serena received her BA at Simmons, then obtained her MSN at Boston College. Her favorite nursing class was medical ethics, while statistical analysis was her least. When asked how long she has been a nurse, she simply said, “longer than you have been alive!”

She has worked at American Training’s Lowell Program for 2 years. She says the best part of being a nurse is supporting people to be the best they can be, and we feel lucky to count her as a member of the American Training Family!

Serena enjoys visiting the Berkshires; she likes that the beauty of the mountains mixed with fresh water lakes are enough to bring you far away, but in reality, are actually close to home. Serena’s snack-of-choice is nacho chips with fresh guacamole; and like most of her Clinical Colleagues, she is always up for a fresh cup of joe!

Jennifer Norris

Jennifer, our Clinical Nurse Manager for Specialized Housing, has been with American Training for more than 12 years. We love most that she’s incredibly kind, has exceptional leadership abilities, and is a definite team player.

Jenn is often known to go above and beyond her typical role as an R.N. You’ll often find her working on weekends, visiting multiple ATI homes assuring our Residents are stable. She’s incredibly thorough, knowledgeable of all Residents, and brings years of experience to ATI.

When asked about what she loved about her job with ATI, Jenn stated, “I love the Residents more than I can say. This is the most rewarding population I have ever worked with. It makes me happy to come to work. Our ATI team is like a family, warm and welcoming. We have an amazing, supportive and communicative team.”

Jenn is also an athlete who routinely participates in mini-marathons. And, she juggles the responsibilities of being a mother, wife, and a great friend.

Magda Roy

Magda has been with American Training for a year. We appreciate that she’s witty, personable and kind. Which makes for an enjoyable experience when working with her.

We are fortunate to have Magda on our team. One of her strengths is her ability to immediately connect with people. She has an even demeanor that allows a person to immediately feel comfortable with her. She is incredibly dedicated and is often seen working 1:1 with our Residents. She helps to create a comfortable atmosphere which allows her the opportunity to educate Residents; helping them manage behaviors and participate in the community.

When asked about what she loved about her job with ATI, Magda stated, “I love our Residents, my Colleagues and job flexibility!”

Destinee Wise

Destinee has been with American Training for just over a year. She’s patient, has a remarkable personality, and is attentive to all she meets, which is why we feel so lucky to have her!

Destinee is known for being very kind. She’s very compassionate and provides quality care to each of the Residents she works with. She has a natural rapport with each of the Residents, family members and all Colleagues. She works well with all members of her team and balances the needs of all Residents as seamlessly as possible. Her extensive experience and perspective is well respected by all.

When asked about what she loved about her job with ATI, Destinee stated, “I like the flexible schedule, seeing my Residents each week, and being part of a small team that all genuinely care about others’ well-being.”

Our nurses have proven that they can handle anything! They multi-task, having to manage multiple programs within a day, never knowing what they have in store for their visit. It’s so nice to consistently see each of the nurses walk into the homes and programs with smiles on their faces. They’re reliable and ready to take on anything that comes their way. We’re all so grateful to have them each be a part of our team.

Check out a few photos of our nurses, enjoying their time with our American Training Family throughout the years below.

Part of our WOW! Magic Culture is having Exceptional Colleagues who provide Extraordinary Customer Service! Our wonderful team of nurses do just that! And we are so thankful for each and every one of them!

Thank you for all that you do and all that you contribute to the American Training Family!
Feel free to share why you appreciate our nurses below!

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