April 28th, 2016

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A Behind The Scenes Look At Creating WOW! Magic

We always have incredible, WOW! Magic filled events. And that’s not bragging (well maybe a little), that’s giving credit where credit is due, to our Colleagues who create and plan every single detail of each event. So recently, we asked our Colleague Crystal, one of the artists behind many of our fabulous decorations, like the hot air balloon from Oz or the spooky trees from the haunted forest (and she would not be happy if we failed to mention that she worked with many other artists on these projects), to describe how she and her fellow artists make these works of wonder. We expected her to detail the hard work and creative process that goes into making these WOW! Magic decorations.

But she took it a step further and responded with her own WOW! Magic in the form of the poem below, in which she details how she and fellow Colleague Maxine, and others, worked to create the fabulous story book you can expect to see at our Celebrate Good Times Gala on May 6 and again this fall at the annual Life Matters Awards Gala.

A “Peter Pan” story book is what we were asked to create;
“How big do we need it? Four feet tall?” “No we can do EIGHT!”
Eight feet tall and about 10 feet wide is what we set out to do;
The entire thing being made out of wall insulation and pounds of hot glue.
What an adventure it was to measure out all the supports with perfection;
If one measurement was off by an inch it threw off an entire section.
We had to give the book a leather binding with pages of gold;
Some faux leather and a shiny gold table cloth looked creatively bold.
Gluing and holding all our foam supports into place was a tough job;
After a while your hand would started to cramp up and begin to throb.
Just adding a picture of the famous Peter Pan was not WOW! Magic enough;
So we mapped out a projection of Peter Pan’s story which was rather tough.
Now we have a giant magic book that can be used throughout the years;
To create more WOW! Magic and present to all our peers.


3 Responses to “A Behind The Scenes Look At Creating WOW! Magic”

  1. Carole g says:

    So talented! Thank you Crystal and Maxine!

  2. Rosa Cruz says:

    Such talent….truly a WOW!!!!!

  3. Jodi Howshan says:

    You ladies are so amazing!!

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