August 25th, 2015

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ATI’s Twin Thing: Doppelgangers Around the Office


Susan Landry – Accounts Payable


Recently when Sue, one of our Colleagues, went on vacation our Colleagues in the Business Office sorely missed her infectious laugh and jokester personality. Carmen, her cubicle neighbor and partner-in-crime, decided that it would be funny to work her WOW! Magic and create a double of Sue, and so, the Doppelgangers began.




Edwin Mejia – HR Assistant

Edwin’s Turn
The newest addition to the Business Office, Edwin, was soon to follow. He left for vacation and came back to his double smiling back at him. Poor Milton, our Colleague in facilities nearly jumped out of his skin when he was vacuuming in the evening and turned around to find “Edwin” sitting at his desk!

Donny Wise - Training Specialist - HR

Donny Wise – Training Specialist – HR




Will the Madness Never End?
Well, why stop there? Carmen worked her WOW! Magic again when two Colleagues from the HR department went on vacation and were the next to be “replaced”. Many Colleagues from other departments would do a double take when they walked by Donny and Jodi’s offices and noticed their life-size phantom Colleagues.


Tom Connors President & CEO

Tom Connors
President & CEO


The CEO Can’t Go On Vacation!
What can we do when the CEO goes on vacation? We have to have someone at the helm…how about Doppelganger Tom? He looked very relaxed reclining in his lawn chair with his sunglasses and Hawaiian shirt, but it just wasn’t the same as having the real Tom!


Jenn Laurin – Staff Accountant – Business Office




The Queen of Tie Dye
Our Business Office Colleague, Jenn, the Queen of Tie Dye Day and Carnivale,was the next person to go on vacation. So, of course, we had to dress her in her Tie Dye apron! Jenn’s double was much more quiet than real Jenn – we missed her energetic personality!


Rose Cleveland CFO

Rose Cleveland




Our Illustrious CFO
The last Colleague to go on vacation was our illustrious CFO, Rose.  She had been working hard closing out our fiscal year and was in need of some serious R & R, but she has trouble staying away!  In that spirit, she could enjoy her vacation while her double sat in her office, thanks again to our Colleague Carmen Concepcion



Check them all out here:

Are Any Other Colleagues Planning a Vacation?
Pray that we have a flattering picture of you somewhere – you may just happen to see that picture taped to a balloon head! As Rose described it, “It’s like a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

And thanks again to Carmen for these contributions to the “little things” that make us laugh and smile, the things that make ATI so much fun, the things we call our WOW! Magic. We weren’t named to North of Boston Business magazine’s Best Places to Work for nothing!

Interested in joining our fun and wildly entertaining team of passionate Colleagues? Check out open positions here.

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  1. Tammy Wilson says:

    This is terrific! So fun!

  2. Hiedi Keefer says:

    This is so great! It’s wonderful working with such fun colleagues…..and their doppelganger 🙂

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