September 9th, 2015

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Colleague Spotlight: Ylsa Grullart

Ylsa Grullart, a Developmental Specialist in the full-time Day Hab, has been a much appreciated part of the American Training family for 25 years. She’s well known for her ear-to-ear contagious smile and incredibly infectious laugh.

Ylsa always puts the needs of our Guests first, she genuinely respects and cares about them. She always comes in early and leaves late to make sure she has everything prepared for the day.

Once a week, she teaches a cooking class that all the Guests and Colleagues look forward to. Everyone enjoys her new and enticing recipes.

On Fridays, our Guests and Colleagues order lunch out at several different places. Ylsa takes it upon herself to do all the ordering and collect all the money. When Guests have accidentally come in without lunch or money, Ylsa has shared her own lunch with them.

Ylsa recognizes that it’s the little things that can make all the difference in someone’s day.

When asked what’s kept her in human services all these years, Ylsa stated, “I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else that would bring me the joy of seeing the Guests every day.”

She sees her job as a privilege. And we see having her as a part of the American Training family as a privilege!

Thanks for bringing the WOW! Magic, Ylsa!

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  1. Denise Michaud says:

    ….And I could never see Ylsa happy doing anything else! Keep up the great work!

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