July 31st, 2015

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StarWorks’ Employment Survival Guide: Attitude

Employment advice is where StarWorks really SHINES! For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping people find and obtain the right jobs. So, we decided to share some of our tricks of the trade, to get you excited for your new career path! Here are a few tips (with many more to follow) on “How to Survive” in the workplace.

Adopting the Right Attitudes

Humility: Be proud of your accomplishments and have confidence, but realize it’s not the end of your learning experience. Be a good “rookie.”

Readiness to learn: Be willing to learn more. Take your training seriously. Ask questions. Study when things are slow.

Readiness to change: Be flexible, adaptive and open-minded. Leave preconceived notions behind. It’s not always going to be “what they told me it would be.” Things change, methods for doing them change, and sometimes even the people doing them change. Adapt.

Respect: Be slow to judge. Things happen for a reason in your organization. Understand WHY before you criticize. Realize you will not gain respect until you give it to your boss and co-workers.

Long term perspective: Be patient. You are conditioned for 15-week timelines. Remember your employer views your development over many years. Understand that while you may not do exciting work for a while, the first year is really time to lay foundations for the future.

Work ethic: Be professional. Work life can be a lot more demanding than you would think. Show up early, stay late, volunteer, work extra hard at learning, go the “extra mile,” and do whatever is asked of you.

And the most important rule? Bring a positive attitude. No complaining. Period.


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