September 18th, 2015

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Special Spotlight: Colleagues Spreading the WOW! Magic

Anastasha Brooks, one of our Residents who happens to be a budding writer, has penned the following testimonials about the Colleagues that work at her home.

Judy Wachaga:
I like her as a colleague because she’s always letting me and Amy
pick on her. I love that she has big brown eyes and that she has a pretty smile. She makes my day when she is working. I like how she does not like cold water. I keep on picking on her and sometimes she does not know that it is because I like her as a colleague.

Glenys Caceres :
Glenys is really sweet. She loves to take pictures. She has a wonderful smile. I think that she’s a happy colleague when she works. I like her, she’s my other blonde Colleague. I really like her because she’s a person that makes me happy. I am now taking pictures of myself like she does. She is my 2nd blonde staff that I love working with.

Dalynet Santiago:
Dalynet has a lovely smile. I like that she has a big heart for people. She loves to work out. She’s really good at it. I like her personality. She always looks happy when she works. I like that she helps girls and boys when they need help with everything. She’s a loving person.

Annelise Vasquez : 
Anne has great fashion. She also loves to work out. I like her personality. I think that she is a great role model for me. She is a gentle Colleague. She loves to help me and talk to me. When I am not in a good mood she gives me my space. She is a loving and gentle person. I really like her as a Colleague.

Anastasha has only been a Resident at ATI for a few months, but she really enjoys  her interactions with the Colleagues. She can see the WOW! Magic at work, making a house into a home!

Thanks for shining and making a difference through the WOW! Magic, Annelise, Judy, Dalynet, and Glenys!

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