July 25th, 2016

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Vanway’s Summer Travel Tips

Summer is the time of vacations. And that can mean everything from a staycation to jetsetting across the globe, but it’s the summer road trip that is most common. As in, most of us set out for summer trips and vacations by car. In fact, according to Statistic Brain, 91% of summer trips will be traveled to by car! And that’s why we asked our Vanway drivers and monitors, who hit the road every day, about their travel and car safety tips.

Our drivers happily share the roadway with other vehicles, bigger and smaller, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and even pedestrians. They travel in all kinds of weather, against Boston and Cape traffic, and often during rush hour. And none of this fazes them because they are well-trained. They’re always alert, drive the speed limit, and are courteous to other drivers around them. So, it’s safe to say they know what they’re talking about when it comes to offering up travel and car safety tips.

As our on-the-road experts, our Colleagues in Vanway compiled a list of suggestions to make your summer trips smooth and enjoyable:

  • Do maintenance checks of all fluids, belts, and hoses.
  • Check the battery, brakes, and tire pressure before packing up the car and heading out on the road.
  • Take a bathroom break before you leave. And at every stop you make. It will lessen the need for additional stops just for bathroom breaks, which we all know can add significant time to an already long drive.
  • If you are using a roof rack, make sure it is tired securely to the roof and your items are balanced.
  • Pack heavy items in the trunk. Remember, you can predict your own driving behavior, but you can’t predict that of others. In the chance of an accident, whatever’s in the backseat may come forward, so only load light and soft items there, leaving the heavy, hard items for the trunk or roof.
  • When possible, use a GPS navigation system which will allow you to safely keep your eyes on the road as you travel through unfamiliar areas.
  • That being said, try to get to know the area you are traveling to by doing a little online research in advance. Look for local gas stations, markets, restaurants, etc.
  • Pack a first aid kit.
  • Fuel up at the start of your trip, where you’re familiar with local gas stations’ locations and hours. And don’t wait for the gas light to come on later in the trip, fuel up again before daylight runs out, so you can easily and safely find an open gas station.
  • Pack some fuel for you. Don’t just fill up the car’s gas tank, bring along some water and snacks to fuel your body, keeping you alert during your trip and eliminating stops along the way.
  • If you’re feeling carsick, grab some ginger snaps or gingerbread. Ginger fights nausea, making it the perfect snack for a road trip.
  • This should be obvious by now, but don’t text and drive! Whatever it is, it can wait! There are plenty of rest stops and rest areas along the way, pull over to check texts and respond.
  • Feeling sleepy? Put on a comedy radio station or a comedy CD or playlist. The laughs should keep you alert. However, if even that won’t do the trick, pull over and take a break.
  • Have fun! Pick out some landmarks to visit at your destination. Enjoying fun places and going on adventures is what will make your trip Outrageously Memorable. Enjoying them with your friends and family is what will make your trip WOW! Magic!

Remember be smart, be safe, keep our tips in mind, and enjoy your travels!
Have another great travel tip for our summer road trippers? Share it below in the comments section.

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  1. I love this post. I have learned a lot from traveling and make sure I make a copy of my passport, DL, medical cards, a copy of our eyeglass prescription (just in case) credit cards, etc. My husband had his wallet stolen on our honeymoon in Cancun and we were so frazzled that something easily remembered goes out of our mind (like a phone number) Hotel and room numbers were a great idea. Again, thanks for all the wonderful tips!

  2. Manhant says:

    This is great post

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