January 29th, 2016

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Spreading WOW! Magic to Boston

It’s apparent that WOW! Magic is around every corner here at American Training. This past weekend our WOW! Magic took flight and soared into the heart of Boston to create a truly magical event for the staff members at the Millennium Hotel and Resort. Their staff was amazed, as ATI Colleagues transported them to the wonderful land of Oz with our beautiful handmade decorations.

Five massive spooky trees stood looming in the entryway to Oz; black lights enhancing their powerful glow. Once inside, giant lollipops splashed their colorful radiance across the ceiling and walls, creating a vibrant hue in every corner. Huge red and black poppies loomed over each table, casting shadows towards the ever-popular Wicked Witch Candy Castle. The Emerald City, covered in mini poppies, was a spectacular sight of brilliant greens and reds, contributing perfectly to the Holiday in Oz theme the Millennium was seeking. Just out the main entrance, the colorful hot air balloon landed gracefully right outside their building, just as the first snow flurries began to fall.

Millennium staff members took ATI’s suggestion and had employees dress as their favorite characters. One staff member said…

“It was one thing to see everyone dressed in the lobby, but to see everyone transported to Oz [referring to the ATI decorated ballroom] is truly an amazing sight!”

Our Colleagues were equally excited to know their custom-made decorations brought the WOW! Magic to the Millennium and it’s awesome team of employees. Check out a few photos of the decorations below.

One Response to “Spreading WOW! Magic to Boston”

  1. Robin Lamoureaux says:

    Those decorations were so amazing, I am glad they were able to be used again! Love spreading the WOW! Magic!!

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