September 23rd, 2015

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Colleague Spotlight: Leona Venuti

Leona Venuti is non stop. Her dedication to our Guests is her caffeine.

While all hands are on deck when we’re throwing a little party for our Guests, it is Leona who spends the weeks leading up to it collecting cans and bottles to cash them in to buy popcorn and soda for the party.

And it’s Leona who spends hours in a week tending to the gardens at Campanelli with our Guests.

You can find Leona setting up anything from a talent show to a BBQ for our Guests and she is always the last one cleaning up, when many have retreated back to their cubicles, rooms, and offices to rest their minds and legs.

Her calm and nurturing nature and soothing voice helps her Colleagues and our Guests relax even in the most stressful of moments. Not only does she go above and beyond for our Guests, but she extends that kindness by providing rides to and from work for her Colleagues, or being the gracious hostess to them by opening her home on a warm summer day for a BBQ.

Leona is a fine example of team player, she does it all without looking for recognition, or accolades. However, today, we recognize all that Leona silently does for our American Training family.

Thank you, Leona!

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  1. Robin Gazelian says:

    Well deserved.

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