April 26th, 2015

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

From the Business pages of the Sunday, April 26th edition of the Eagle Tribune!

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

by Tom Connors, American Training President & CEO

In real estate the old maxim is location, location, location. When it comes to building a person’s self-esteem and enjoying the positive effects that it can ultimately have on our communities, the new maxim is jobs, jobs, jobs!

A 2013 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index study concluded that, “Work means so much to us Americans that without it some people don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.” Based on his experience with his clients, psychotherapist, Charles Allen, also reaffirms that, “Self-esteem and self-worth are closely aligned with working.”

In all my years working in the people industry, my own experience shows that nothing builds self-esteem more than the empowerment that comes from having a job. Now, finally, after all these years
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