November 10th, 2015

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Highfields: Not Just A House, A Home

Sometimes to understand the impact of your work, you have to take a moment to step back and reflect on the ways it has made a difference in the lives of those around you. Today, we took a moment to look at a few of the wonderful things our Highfields’ Residents, past and present, have had to say about their time in our youth residential home.

“I’m so thankful for Highfields. They’ve helped me a lot. They’ve shown me what a family can be like.” – Darren Calivere

“Highfields is the most comfortable and welcoming place away from home that I can think of.” – Justin Chan

“Highfields made me feel welcome and at home. They affected my life in a good way. I now have my own little family within the Highfields family.” – Theresa

“The way they handle treatment at Highfields, they actually treat people as individuals. They asked me what I wanted to do, in the program and in life, and they encouraged me to do it. The support I got at Highfields was insane. They pushed me to do more and more. I saw a complete change in myself. I entered the program skeptical. Now I have more confidence in my abilities, I deal with things better, and I have more faith in myself.” – Samantha Poirier

And it’s not just the Residents who rave about their time at Highfields. The Colleagues there are a tight-knit sub-family of our ATI family. And they love what they do.

“It’s great to see such hard work and dedication.” – Clinician Sarah Franz on her Colleagues

“Hands down, the people I work with — Lorraine McLarney, Felix Khut, Sarah Franz, Herbert Mandaa, to name a few. We support each other every day, we do this with compassion, a sense of humor and dedication to the vision we share within American Training.” – Program Director Renee Ghembaza on the most treasured thing in her workspace

“It’s nice to see the support the youth here have. You can feel the energy and the love in the room. The vibe is incredible.” – Training Specialist Donny Wise on a recent visit to the home

Learn more about Highfields and how our program can make a difference in your life or the life of a loved one here. If you would like to donate to the program to help facilitate more experiences like those shown above, please find more information here.

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