October 6th, 2017

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CBDS Mobile for Puerto Rico

While our CBDS Mobile program is employment focused, we also value cultural enrichment, fitness, and recreation, among so much more, always ensuring our Guests have a well-rounded experience, each and every day.

Staying up with current events, one of our mobile groups opted into getting involved with the relief effort for Puerto Rico.

Our Colleague Maria brought her mobile group to the store where they picked up items to send to Puerto Rico. Knowing that food, water, and baby items are major needs, they carefully selected food items that would not spoil before arrival, baby food with distant expiration dates, wipes, and more.

“We went together to buy stuff,” said Maria. She intended to bring her mobile group to the store then to quickly drop of their donations at the local collection center affiliated with United for Puerto Rico.

“I wanted them to be a part of helping people in need,” said Maria.

But what she thought would be a quick visit to the donation center turned into a meaningful experience for Maria and her group.

“When we arrived, it was clear they needed volunteers,” she said. The collection center had received many goods and their team was going through each item, marking the barcodes to avoid resale, and sorting the items into containers.

“We wanted to stay and help out for the people in need, for the people of Puerto Rico,” said Greg, a member of the mobile group.

Maria said her heart swelled in that moment, as our Guests opted to forgo their plans for the day in favor of helping their fellow Americans in need. It was a true WOW! Magic moment!

“They made me cry,” said Maria, who has family in Puerto Rico. “I’m so proud of my guys.”

The group plans to return to assist with the effort again, later this month, while we, at American Training, are currently developing our own effort to assist those in need. Check back soon for more details.

See a few pictures from their visit below and learn more about our Services here.

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