December 18th, 2017

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Tips for Giving Back During the Holidays

The holidays are a WOW! Magic time of year for sure. It’s a time to gather with friends and family and love one another. But not everyone is so fortunate. Below are just a few tips on how you can spread holiday cheer far and wide by helping others during the holiday season.

Volunteer Your Time
We have many Colleagues who love what they do and the people they work with. They come in each day excited to help and make a difference in someone’s day. It’s because of them that each of our Guests have Outrageously Memorable experiences here at American Training. However, we could always use more helping hands! The holiday season is a great time to volunteer. Offering your time and services to organizations in need is a great way to remember the important things during the holidays.

Donate the old things you no longer use
This is the time of year where many of us receive much more than we actually need. Whether it be new clothes, shoes, winter coats or toys, many of us have so much. The perfect solution to those overcrowded closets and toy chests is to give back what you no longer use! Donate that gently used coat to a local coat drive, like this one. Bag up your child’s stuffed animals they no longer play with and drop them off at your local Salvation Army. Or better yet, buy a new toy to give to a child in need through a toy drive like Toys for Tots! Take some time this holiday season to go through the things you may not need, because odds are there is someone out there that would be grateful to have it!

Donate in person
Today it is so easy to do everything online. When it comes to your charitable donations, it makes all the difference to deliver them in person. We know that schedules get crazy this time of year, but that’s what makes an in-person donation so much more special and heartwarming. The fact that you would take time from your day to show up with a donation, monetary or otherwise, would go such a long way. And, it helps to put a face with a donation, so the recipient will be sure to remember who you are and what you’ve done for them!

Cook or bake something extra
One of the best parts of the holidays is the food. From a golden-brown turkey, to sugar cookies and pies, and everything in between, food is the glue that holds family and friends together. So, while you are roasting that bird or baking those sweets, whip up something extra and bring it to a local food pantry or shelter. There are many folks that would be so grateful to have a home-cooked dinner or dessert to warm their bones and spirit during this cold season.

Please feel free to share your ideas on how to help others during the holidays. And as always, we here at American Training appreciate your charitable giving every day. To get involved at American Training, contact us via our Contacts page. Or click here to donate to our organization. Your contribution will help us give those we serve Unique & Different opportunities and Outrageously Memorable experiences!

Thank You & Happy Holidays!

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