September 15th, 2017

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Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week Spotlight: Dalynet Santiago

In honor of Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week, our managers celebrated our direct care Colleagues in so many ways. There were pizza parties and prize raffles, handmade gifts and thoughtful handwritten cards. There was even a song written by one of our Colleagues and performed for her entire team! Below, is another form of recognition for one of our wonderful direct care Colleagues, Dalynet Santiago, as shared by one of her managers.

We are extremely grateful to count Dalynet as a member of the Specialized Housing team. In her role as a medical appointment Colleague, she has grown immensely over the years. She has learned a great deal working closely with her team consisting of nurses, managers and Colleagues. She has a wonderful reputation with Residents, providers, and medical professionals. She is confident, professional, an amazing advocate for each of the Residents in her care, and is easy to get along with for all.

We appreciate most the way she works with our Residents. Some of our Residents have an extremely hard time attending medical appointments and often become very anxious before and during the visit. But, because of Dalynet’s calm, pleasant, and caring demeanor, she is always able to ease their minds and raise their spirits, making appointments less stressful for our Residents.

We reached out to a few of Dalynet’s Colleagues to get some feedback from them. The responses were glowing. One Colleague stated, “Dalynet is hardworking, passionate, and thorough. She is an all-around great asset to the company.” Another Colleague said, “She is an excellent person to work with. She’s such a great Colleague. She has a great attitude and she is one of my favorite people.”

But it’s not just the American Training Family that notices how hard Dalynet works to Bring Out the Best in our Residents, community providers that work with her take note as well.

Recently, our nursing case manager supervisor received a phone call from a staff member of a Merrimack Valley doctor’s office. She reached out to Dalynet’s supervisor to let her know just how impressed she was with Dalynet’s conduct during an appointment with one of the Residents. Dalynet accompanied a Resident to an appointment that involved an uncomfortable procedure and he was understandably anxious. But she kept him calm and smiling. The doctor’s office staff member stated that she had never met a more patient, pleasant, professional, and compassionate Colleague in her experience working in the field.

We are very fortunate and honored to have Dalynet as part of our American Training Family. Thank you, Dalynet, for all that you do day in and day out. And thank you to all of our wonderful direct care Colleagues who are vital to our mission of Bringing Out the Best in Everyone We Touch because Every Life Matters. You bring the WOW! Magic!

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