December 11th, 2015

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Spreading the WOW! Magic at Cor Unum: ATI Volunteers

American Training and Cor Unum Meal Center have had a great relationship for quite some time now. And this week, we took it to the next level!

For some time, our Guests have volunteered to clean at Cor Unum, every Monday through Friday, after the masses have left. They do everything from table cleaning to window washing, all because they just want to help.

This week, our Colleagues followed suit, volunteering to serve breakfast on Wednesday morning. They headed over to the Lawrence-based meal center, excited for the experience ahead. But even they couldn’t predict how powerful and awesome the experience would be.

“It felt good, I learned how grateful people can be for something that many of us take for granted,” said Colleague Adam Jackson.

Adam was joined by Colleagues Gail Roberts, Carole Giordano, Carolyn Foster, Robin Gazelian, Danielle LaPointe, Ivette Colon and Robin Lamoureaux.

“My experience at Cor Unum was impressionable because it’s not often that we get to serve people for the sake of serving. Serving food to young, old, and in between made me feel right at home and those being served were like family sitting at the table,” said Carole.

She said it was a learning experience for her. “I learned that people like simple things like smiling faces and pleasant greetings. I learned that everyone who ate at Cor Unum was polite, quiet, and grateful to be there. I learned that everyone walks in and walks out of your life without you ever knowing their story. You may be with them for only minutes, yet each life touches so many!”

Robin L. was drawn to the experience because she “wanted to take a moment from the buying gifts, decorating the tree, decorating the house and all of the bustling around, to do something simple in service.”

Robin G. volunteered for similar reasons. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, as well as to give back to the community.”

For her, it was an experience close to her heart. “Honestly it hit home and made me think how ending up in a shelter, food pantry, meal center can happen to anyone. It made me think about loved ones I know who deal with issues, it also made me want to go back and help out again.”

Throughout the morning, our Colleagues helped make the food, set the tables, and serve those arriving at Cor Unum. The team at Cor Unum quickly absorbed our team into their family, putting us to work and working alongside us.

Our Colleague Gail noted, “I learned that a group of strangers can come together and really work as a team in a short time.”

She enjoyed the experience and learned quite a bit in her time there. But she noted one thing, that really stood out to us…that Cor Unum, like us, believes in WOW! Magic, though they may have another name for it. They believe in going the extra mile to create a lasting, outrageously, memorable impression, even in the small ways.

“I learned that it truly makes a difference to treat people special. Setting it up like a restaurant, and even special requests, really put a smile on the peoples’ faces,” she said.

Check out photos from our visit below.

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