Amazing Hero Art Returns

After dazzling us this summer with his speed painting and inspirational performance at our annual Tie Dye Day & Carnivale and Rob Surette has returned!

Local artist Surette, of Amazing Hero Art, returned to our Andover site on Monday, December 8 for a visit.

Surette, who’s art has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, and most recently by Disney, handed out custom drawn art he created for our Guests after his visit this past summer.

After delivering his inspirational performance, painting image after image of change-making figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Theresa, Surette spent some time with our Guests and Colleagues. He loved his time here so much that he made an offer.


As he sat at a table filled with Guests and Colleagues who had just watched his awe-inspiring performance, he asked them who inspires them. Over the following months, while working on art for Disney, he created pencil sketches for each and every person who shared the table with him that June afternoon.

On Monday, he returned to hand-deliver the custom drawings. Among the list of inspirational and beloved people and characters are basketball player Kevin Durant, magician Criss Angel, Winnie the Pooh, basketball player Michael Jordan, former president George Washington and many others.IMG_0962edit

The pencil sketches were handed out Monday afternoon in our Campanelli Drive lobby where Rob spent the afternoon visiting with our Guests and Colleagues and was even treated to a few magic tricks!

Read more about Rob’s most recent visit in December and his performance at our Tie Dye Day & Carnivale. Then check out his website!

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