14th Annual Tie Dye Day & Carnivale


Around here, Tie Dye Day & Carnivale is known as a day for indulging in sunshine, friends, food, fabulous colors, and lots of fun. And, this year’s event lived up to all the expectations.

The savory smell of hotdogs and hamburgers wafted through the June air as Guests, Students, Residents and Colleagues danced the day away.

Zumba classes, a live disc jockey, a balloonist, a dunk tank, an ice cream truck and carnival games galore added to the fun of the WOW! afternoon which featured local and nationally renowned speed painting artist Rob Surette.

Known for his inspirational performances, Surette painted change-making figures from history like Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Mother Theresa. He encouraged each member of the audience to work to create the change he or she would like to see in the world and concluded the performance by gifting us a custom-made American Training Tie Dye Day and Carnivale painting.

All-in-all, our big American Training family enjoyed the time together and dyed more than 300 t-shirts!

Check out the Andover Townsman’s coverage of our Tie Dye Day & Carnivale as printed on page 9 of the July 3 issue.

Check out this coverage of the event on page 10 of the July 8 issue of Rumbo News:

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