2015 Colleague Recognition Awards

Congratulations Colleagues! Not just to those who received awards, but to all. You’re all a part of this big beautiful American Training family.

On Friday, our Colleagues took a well-deserved stroll down the red carpet at our annual Colleague Recognition Awards. This year, the event was held at the Indian Ridge Country Club on November 20. The Hollywood-themed WOW! Magic evening featured awards galore, a delicious meal, music and dancing by NRG Entertainment, and great company!

To kick off the night, we handed out Swag Bags filled with ATI swag and items donated by Enterprise Bank, Stoneham Ford, Neighborhood Health Plan, BBS Benefits, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, and MetLife. And we ended the evening, handing out raffle prizes of various gift cards, donated by Carol Reebenacker of Agera Energy.

But it was what was in the middle of all of that which mattered most. Between the swag bags and raffle prizes, we handed out awards; Years of Service Awards to those at milestone years, Starfish Awards to those nominated by their peers, and WOWzer! awards to those nominated by our President and CEO Tom Connors.

Though we’re still holding a few secrets, the names of the Starfish and WOWzer! award recipients who could not attend, you can check the incomplete list of the very deserving 2015 WOWzers! and Starfish below.

The recipients of the WOWzer! Awards are hand-picked for the honor by President and CEO Tom Connors. These select few are chosen for their commitment to going above and beyond in their positions. These people have years of experience and dedication proving just how committed they are to delivering WOW! Magic, not only to those we serve, but to anyone and everyone we work with as well. WOWzer! winners exemplify the Mission and Values of American Training and are fundamental in bringing them to every aspect of the organization.

Carmelo Rosa
Milton Tenas
Crystal Williams
Stephanie Van Amburgh
Cheryl Watson
Carole Giordano
Adam Jackson
Donny Wise
Donny Hernandez

Starfish recipients are nominated by their peers for their commitment to making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Lynda Morbi
Adam Jackson
Milton Tenas
Carmelo Rosa
Danielle LaPointe
Nilda Rosado
Shannon Casey
Carole Giordano
Renee Ghembaza
Kenneth Nganga

Years of Service
These recipients are honored for their commitment to American Training. These Colleagues have been with us for years and are recognized for their hard-work and dedication to our mission of Bringing Out the Best in Everyone we Touch Because Every Life Matters!

For TWENTY-FIVE years of service and dedication:
Steven Pellerin, Rhonda Pineiro

For TWENTY years of service and dedication:
Donald Green, Denise Michaud, Peter Heslam

For FIFTEEN years of service and dedication:
Assya Diani, Phillip Giordano, Sros (Felix) Khut, Lorraine McLarney, Nilda Rosado

For TEN years of service and dedication:
Margarita Cano, Marie Casseus, William DeJesus, Tianna DeRosa, Joseph Eaton, Roger Froilan, Michelle Harper, Susan Landry, Valerie Luque, Esperanza Mendoza, Renee Robinson, Ignatius Waiyaki, Carol Williams

For FIVE years of service and dedication:
Della Al-Khoury, Yasmin Arroyocruz, Martha Ball, Lynn Bloomquist, James (Bill) Carrington, Kevin Cleary, Mary Eaton, Karen Grundy, James Morgan, Eduard Pena, Ian Rice, Elizabeth Suero, Leona Venuti, Hannah Wainaina, George Wakanya

For TWO years of service and dedication:
Jennifer Alicandro, Iris Ardon, Robert Arsenault, Abert Casillas, Jessica Daine, Yahaira Guevara, Phyllis Kamau, Arnaldo Mancini, Molly Rizk, Jandhira Tejada, Milton Tenas, Crystal Williams

Congratulations to all!

Check out a few photos from the evening below and a full album of photos here.

A special thank you to our Fund-A-WOW! Sponsors: Larry & Alice Pahigian and Vincent Mullarkey. Their sponsorships allowed us to give our Colleagues a well-deserved WOW! Magic evening.

See photos from last year’s Colleague Recognition Awards and the full list of our 2014 award recipients here.

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