2014 Colleague Recognition Awards

The red carpet was lined with stars at our 2014 Colleague Recognition Awards. Paparazzi snapped shot after shot of our Colleagues as they walked the red carpet, past Elvis, Marilyn, and Audrey making their way into the Indian Ridge Country Club on November 14.

The Hollywood-themed WOW! Magic evening featured awards galore, a delicious meal, music and dancing by NRG Entertainment, and great company!

The annual event is planned and put on by Colleagues for Colleagues. Three types of awards are handed out that evening; Years of Service Awards, Starfish Awards, and WOWzer! Awards.

The recipients of the WOWzer! Awards are hand-picked for the honor by President and CEO Tom Connors. These select few are chosen for their commitment to going above and beyond in their positions. These people have years of experience and dedication proving just how committed they are to delivering WOW! Magic, not only to those we serve, but to anyone and everyone we work with as well. WOWzer! winners exemplify the Mission and Values of American Training and are fundamental in bringing them to every aspect of the organization.

Jenn Auclair
Hiedi Keefer
Maxine Pierce
Maria Serano
Dave Moynihan
Jenn Lauren
Rose Cleveland

Starfish recipients are nominated by their peers for their commitment to making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Adam Jackson
Rosa Cruz
Robin Farago
Mikaela Reynolds
Team: Leona Venuti, Noreen Duxbury, Martha Peguero, Ramona Pichardo

Years of Service
These recipients are honored for their commitment to American Training. These Colleagues have been with us for years and are recognized for their hard-work and dedication to our mission of Bringing Out the Best in Everyone we Touch…Because Life Matters!

For THIRTY-FIVE years of service and dedication:
Rosemarie Cleveland, Thomas Connors, Ronald Fanion

For TWENTY-FIVE years of service and dedication:
Jennifer Laurin, Ylsa Grullart

For TWENTY years of service and dedication:
Bethany Colbath, Judith Abby, Jose Diaz

For FIFTEEN years of service and dedication:
Deborah Arcand, Astric Cruz, Edwin Mejia, David Moynihan, Sindia Santiago

For TEN years of service and dedication:
Carmen Concepcion, Keith Gould, Marijo Haseltine, Tony Henriquez, Kimberley Judd, Graceanne Kimotho, Alesia Matsis, Kenneth Nganga, Madeleine Picart, Joseph Robichaud

For FIVE years of service and dedication:
Todd Booth, Providencia Colon, Jessica Davenport, Rayann Durand, Irene Kamau, Tracy Makos, Karen Mckitrick, Megan Mcnally, Robert Nganga, Edward Njenga, Joyce Pharmes, Gloria Rodriguez, Adelaida Santos, Carol Smith, Pam Urnetta

For TWO years of service and dedication:
Cheryl Andrews, Jankie Antigua, Susan Ballard, Nancy Barton, Glenys Caceres, Amelia Duncan, Natasha Escribano, Meghan Fisk, Robin Gazelian, Roberto Gonzalez, Dounia Hosny, Nicholas Koigi, Erica Laboy, Emily Mcdonald, Collins Mudanyi, Philip Mugo, Mary Mutura, Jennifer Norris, Susan Nowell, Grace Redwood, Ariela Roberts, Hassan Taghi, Ratha Teng, Annelise Vasquez, Elizabeth Wahome, Mary Wathome

A special thank you to our Fund-A-WOW! Sponsors Cynthia & Keith Krebs and Harper’s Time & Attendance Division. Their sponsorship helped us give our Colleagues a WOW! Magic evening.

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