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Dear Families, Guests and Colleagues

In an effort to keep in touch and stay connected to our Guests during this unprecedented time, American Training Colleagues will be reaching out to all of our Day Services Guests on a weekly, bi-weekly or daily basis, depending on the level of involvement that is needed or wanted. We acknowledge that remaining in contact with our Guests will be a healthy way to keep everyone in touch and maintain our WOW! Magic relationships with them.

We will be reaching out in several ways; via telephone, email, video chatting, Zoom or Skype. This will depend on the technology available and the abilities and preferences of the Guest.

We have many ways to connect with you including a WOW! Magic Connector Facebook page, live Facebook videos, a calendar of events and groups that Guests can virtually join in on and in some cases, face to face meetings.

All of this information will be located HERE at our WOW! Magic Connector  Facebook page. In order to access this, you will need to have a Facebook page which is easy to make. Go to and follow the prompts to set up an account.

Another way to access our weekly schedule of events is right here on our American Training Inc. website, Here you will find the link for the American Training WOW! Magic Connector facebook page and the weekly schedule of activities and groups.

Some of our groups will be done through Zoom video meetings and the links for these meetings/groups will be posted on our WOW! Magic Connector Facebook page as well as on the schedule that is posted below on this page. To join those groups you will see something similar to this:

Join Zoom Meeting (SAMPLE ONLY)

Meeting ID: 353 155 650

Password: 007870

The first line will need to be copied and pasted into your browser for you to connect to it. You can watch it, listen to it and interact if you would like to.

We would like to know the challenges you have with internet/computer availability so that we can best connect with you. Although we do realize not all Guests are capable of using these services listed above, we can also connect to do wellness and social visit via telephone.

Please email the following Directors associated with the site the Guest attends with your challenges.

Renee Robinson- Lowell-

Jessica Cousins- Wakefield-

Gina Jones- Andover-

If you do not have access to email, you can call the numbers below on the respective days between the hours of 9am-12pm and someone will be able to help:

Mondays- 978-885-3015

Tuesdays- 978-423-1704

Wednesdays- 469-502-8700

Thursdays- 978-476-9699

Fridays- 978-305-3981

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you virtually. Stay safe and well. It is uncertain as to when American Training Day Services will resume as we are following state orders to remain closed at this time. We will be sure to update you as we learn any new information.


American Training Day Services


Check out our weekly scheduled groups below!

Click HERE to visit our WOW! Magic Connector Facebook Events page to learn more about each group!


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