Spring Break 2017: Gatsby Mansion

What an ab-so-lute-ly amazing Spring Break!

We learned and laughed so much!

The day began with a ice breaker, a sheet filled with funny questions to ask our Colleagues, something that would get us talking to those we rarely see because of our varying branches and locations. Questions ranged from “What is the best present you’ve ever received?” to “What ice cream flavor describes you?” or “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?” The hilarious answers made for great conversation starters!

Our host Jay Gatsby, otherwise known as our President & CEO Tom Connors, welcomed us. We discussed what had changed since the last Spring Break in Neverland and what we could work on changing before the next one in 2018.

We enjoyed a beautiful tribute video to our American Training Family members whose memories we carry on in our hearts.

Then it was on to training! We put on the Ritz with our Mission and Core Values. We heard from Colleagues about how our Mission and Values shape us. We heard stories of our Values in action and how our Mission drives us to give our all for those we serve.

Before we started our WOW! Magic training, we were treated to a Unique & Different performance. Our Colleagues Amy, Sarah, Destinee, and Julie performed a vintage rendition of “Oops I did it again” that received a standing ovation!

The final training of the day had us get a wiggle on and learn about how our WOW! Magic affects those we serve. We heard from Colleagues who have grown through our WOW! Magic, as well as stories of Guests, Residents, and Students who have experienced more fulfilling lives and Outrageously Memorable moments because of it.

It was truly an inspiring morning followed by a wild afternoon of games and competition.

First up was the Great “Getsby” a mashup of musical chairs and a scavenger hunt. Specialized Housing and Clinical & Youth Residential Services dominated as our Colleagues searched Gatsby’s Mansion, the Andover Country Club, for described items and raced back to get a seat at the front of the crowd. One-by-one they were eliminated, with Specialized Housing coming out on top!

Then it was on to Knots and Oughts, a game of human tic tac toe. The competition was fierce, as the final two came down to Vanway and Clinical, but it was Clinical who won the final round! They also took first in our Silent Movie competition.

The final game, the West Egg Races, kicked off with all of our teams in a close running. Team Admin. won the game, but it was Clinical & Youth Residential Services who won the coveted ATI Spring Break trophy! For the first time ever in the history of ATI Spring Breaks!

Wow! What a great day spent enjoying games, learning, laughing, and having fun with our American Training Family!

Check out a few photos from the day below, with a full album of photos here.

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