Spring Break 2018: Wizarding World

Thank you to all who joined us for Spring Break, our annual training day and competition at the Andover Country Club. This year, we ventured through Platform 9¾ to the WOW! Magical Wizarding World!

We were delighted to see Bellatrix, Dumbledore, Hermione, and more join us in the Great Hall for our Wizarding Cup competition, where branches competed for the coveted Spring Break trophy and bragging rights, which ultimately went to Team Admin.!

We also enjoyed trainings on all of the most important elements of Extraordinary Customer Service, with our guest speakers Comma Williams and Thomas Koulopoulos.

Comma spoke about delivering excellent customer service and how it’s like making an effective potion – you need the right ingredients, in the right amounts, added at the right time. We learned that great customer service is about ordinary people doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.  The ingredients for customer service are: Attitude, Communication, Effort and Service Recovery, or ACES. Use ACES to keep smiles on faces and you’ll be going WOW! Magic places!

Thomas, President of the Delphi Group, spoke about the importance of standing out and being Unique & Different, as well as how technology is changing and we can embrace it.

Our Colleagues also put on a fashion show! Our image matters when it comes to Extraordinary Customer Service.  We talked about how to stand out and make a great first impression.

After trainings, we enjoyed a lively competition which consisted of three parts: The OWLS, a trivia game; Cloak of Invisibility, a blindfold seeking game; and Defense Against the Dark Arts, a giant Jenga game with “curses” like wearing a blindfold or oven mitts for your turn. It was tight competition, but ultimately Admin. and Clinical made it through to the final round where Admin. claimed victory!

Check out a few photos from the event below, including our costume contest winners (Neil as Dumbledore, Julie as a mandrake, and Stephanie as a wizard), with more to come soon!

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

 – Albus Dumbledore

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