Red Nose Day 2017

Curly colorful wigs, oversized shoes, and big red noses were all the rage at ATI for our 3rd annual Red Nose Day party!

The day, designed to raise awareness and funds to combat child poverty here in the US and around the world, is meant to get silly. As the Red Nose Day creators put it, “Laugh. Give. Save a kid.” We love the opportunity to contribute to a great cause while having some fun and creating an Outrageously Memorable day for our American Training Family.

So we brought the WOW! Magic! We had clown costumes, silly hats, wacky hairstyles in outrageous colors, wild outfits, and of course, our red noses. We had the most ridiculously fun day singing karaoke and playing games like our own modified version of egg and spoon races, but with red noses as the eggs! And we did what we love most, danced until our feet hurt! In addition to our great parties at each site, we also modified daily program activities like cooking group to make red velvet cupcakes with all red decorations! (And they were delicious!)

We took some time to talk about the meaning behind the day and held a fundraiser for the cause. We sold noses, plants our Colleague Leona grew for this event, and homemade pastelitos to raise over $800 to combat child poverty, because here at ATI, we know Every Life Matters!

Check out photos from our silly, wild, wacky day below.

 Learn a little more about Red Nose Day and how you can contribute here.
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