LARE Institute Graduation Celebration 2019

The LARE Institute of American Training held our annual Graduation Celebration on Thursday, June 20th, at our 6 Campanelli Drive, Andover location. The LARE Institute, based out of Andover, has served the Merrimack Valley and surrounding areas for more than 30 years. This year, we held a graduating class of over 250 students, who proudly crossed our stage while being cheered on by their families, friends, and Teachers.

Our students earned certificates in a variety of our LARE Institute programs spanning from; ESL, HiSET, Pharmacy Technician, Electronics Assembly, Business Technology, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Medical Assisting. But what makes the LARE Institute so unique & different is our signature WOW! Magic culture. Our Teachers approach each and every day with the same passion for excitement and FUN that guarantees that no day is boring.  In fact, the result of such attention to detail is that each person we serve has a greater opportunity to fall in love with learning that sets them on the path to creating more meaningful lives. Our WOW! Magic leads us to put in that extra effort, to go the extra mile and to put those we serve first.  It reminds us each and every day to Bring Out the Best in every person with whom we are working.  And by doing so, we show each Student just how much Every Life Matters.

Our annual LARE Institute Graduation Celebration is an opportunity to recognize our Students for their academic accomplishments. Our Students work hard to complete their programs of study and we want to ensure that they are recognized, acknowledged and celebrated for this. What makes our Students so exceptional are their individual stories of overcoming some of life’s most overwhelming challenges. Some are just kids graduating from Highschool who are looking for opportunity in an affordable next step, some have been working and are suddenly faced with having to change careers unexpectedly and learn something completely new, and some have never finished Highschool and are looking to earn their HiSET to start them on the path to a brighter future. Our Students have maintained motivation despite personal struggles and their stories are proof that with the right supports and the right work ethic, you can accomplish anything. Stories of inspiration, powerful stories of personal triumph in the face of adversity… and stories that Students honored and inspired us, by sharing with all in attendance during this year’s LARE Institute Graduation ceremony.

We are so PROUD of the LARE Institutes Graduating Class of 2019!


LARE Graduation 2019 - Copy


Check out photos of the Ceremony below!

Credit Steven Antonio Photography

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