International Day of Awesomeness at ATI

Sometime in the weeks leading up to March 10, our Colleague Tammy sent us a list of coming “holidays” like International Day of Happiness (March 20) and more-than-worthy recognitions/celebrations like World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) and World Bipolar Day (March 30).

At the top of the list was a “holiday” we just had to kick the month off with…International Day of Awesomeness, IDOA, March 10.

So, last Friday, our Colleague Jenn sent out an email announcing IDOA. She started a trend that lasted all day by listing why each of the Colleagues in her department are so awesome. Email after email followed with Colleagues describing the ways in which the Colleagues in their departments are awesome. Needless to say, it was a pretty peppy office all day.

We continued the love on Monday, asking Colleagues to fill out a sheet, naming a Colleague and explaining why that Colleague is awesome. The results are below…

The Photos:


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