Employment Celebration 2016

Congratulations to all of our Guests who were celebrated at this year’s Employment Celebration!

We recently celebrated our Guests for their years of competitive employment within the community at our Andover location on November 10. Friends, families, and employers joined us for the evening of celebration, which included more than 50 Guests, with employment at more than 60 jobs. (Some of our Guests hold more than one job!)

These jobs, as with any jobs, bring independence and pride, leaving those employed with a sense of meaning and accomplishment. We celebrated those who just started at their new jobs all the way through to those who have spent more than a decade at their current jobs. And the joy in the room was palpable.

Balloons lined the walls as photos of Guests at their jobs were plastered about the room. Delicious food from the Chateau was served as a video with comments from employers played. It was all a very powerful moment.

“Thank you for making my job so easy,” said Joe Robichaud, a job developer, to the crowd. He said their hard-work, desire to work, and dedication to their jobs made them easy to place at the jobs they wanted, the jobs that fit them.

As happy as the employers and job developers are with our Guests, it’s really about how happy our Guests are with their jobs. And thankfully, because of the individualized attention paid to each Guest’s wants and needs, each of these jobs was the perfect fit.

“I really like my job,” said Meg J. who works at Chili’s in Salem, NH. “I like my friends and my bosses. Everyone is so nice and we have a lot of fun together.”

“My job keeps me busy and I love it,” said Linda H. who has worked at Harrison’s Roast Beef for more than 10 years.

“It’s a good job,” said Frank B. who’s employed at Target “I love it. I’ve been there for 8 years. My coworkers are great.”

Everyone raved about their jobs. How much they love what they do, how much their bosses care, how wonderful their coworkers are. It was pretty inspiring to listen to them and hear how much these jobs have brought to their lives.

Check out a few pictures from the evening below:

Thank you to our wonderful job developers, our great Partners who employ our Guests, and, of course, our amazing Guests who work so hard! Congratulations!

George A., Executive Auto Body, 6 months; Krystal B., Market Basket, 6 months; Moises C., Market Basket, 7 years; Miguel C., Monogram Gourmet Foods, 1 year; O.C. , ACT, 6 months; Jose G., Monogram Gourmet Foods, 2.5 years; Franzuas G., Chili’s of Wilmington, 2.5 years; Mary Gail H., British Delights, 1 year; Luis H., Papa Gino’s, 9 years; Linda H., Harrison’s Roast Beef, 10 years, Chunky’s, 4 years; Meg J., Chili’s of Salem, NH, 4.5 years; Frances M., Market Basket, 2 years; Meghan M., Monogram Gourmet Foods, 2 years; Sokhom M., Butterworth’s, < 6 months; Maria M., King’s Royal Pet Grooming, 4 years, Market Basket in Tewksbury, 1.5 years; Jeff M., Market Basket of Salem, NH, 4.5 years; Justin M., Methuen Chiropractic, 3 years; David P., Monogram Gourmet Foods, 3 years; Sergio P., Market Basket, 1.5 years; Victor S., AXI, 5 years; Daniel S., Chili’s, 3.5 years; Shawn S., Home Depot, 2 years; Sapenh S., Market Basket, 6 months; Gregory T., Market Basket, 1.5 years; Tim S., University Cap and Gown, 8 years; Shaun S., Papa Gino’s, < 6 months; Susan C., Salvatore’s, < 6 months; Chris F., Monogram Gourmet Foods, 6 months; Frank B., Target, 8 years; Kathleen W., Applebees, 3 years; Robin B. J., Marshalls, 7 years; Christopher D., Trader Joe’s, 6 years, Market Basket, 5 years; Florence D., Chili’s of Reading, 9 years; R. Michael O., Chili’s, 8 years; Richard U., Chili’s, 3 years; Donna D., Outback Steakhouse, 2.5 years; Marlene L., Applebees, 3 years; Anthony C., Outback Steakhouse, 2.5 years; Susan M., Outback Steakhouse, 2 years; Rachel D., Outback Steakhouse, 2 years; Robert N., Morrison Health Care, 6 months; Diane G., Commonwealth Motors, 3 years; Nicholas Q., Commonwealth Motors, 3 years; Amy M., Walgreens in Lowell, 2 years; Caroline J., Hannaford’s, 1 year; Thomas J., British Beer Company, 1.5 years; Sabrina D., British Beer Company, 1.5 years; Denise J., Chili’s, 3 years; Nicole D., Walgreens, 3.8 years; Alyssa C., Willow Tree Garden Center, Summer job; Craig S., Dave & Buster’s, < 6 months; Tejash P., Walgreen’s in Westford, < 6 months; Renits V., Canobie Lake Park, < 6 months; Danielle B., CVS, < 6 months; Jonathan B., Canobie Lake Park, Market Masket, both < 6 months, Kellie K., Chili’s, 4 years.

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