Building WOW! Magic with Catholic Heart Workcamp

Our friends from Catholic HEART Workcamp were featured in this month’s Valley Patriot! Check it out:

Our new friends from Catholic Heart Workcamp joined us Monday, June 29, at four of our residential homes. Over the next few days, they worked on some great WOW! Magic projects that further our mission of bringing out the best in everyone we touch because life matters.

Over their four day stay, they landscaped, renovated a deck, built stairs for the deck, mulched, planted flowers and plants, and cleaned. And they did it all in our famous New England weather, toughing out the heat Monday, humidity Tuesday, downpour Wednesday, and, well, enjoyed a beautiful Thursday.

“They’ve all been so pumped to be here,” said Sarah Mallett, one of our residential managers, adding that she was impressed at how much enthusiasm they brought to the table each day, regardless of the weather.

The CHWC volunteers came from all over the country to do service work and engage in their mission to love, serve, and connect. And while they were here, they had the opportunity to meet and get to know our Residents and Colleagues and experience our signature WOW! Magic.

“I feel really accomplished  and very happy that we were able to finish this,” said Richard Wilson, 16 a CHWC volunteer from Connecticut who worked on a landscaping project. “It makes me really happy we were able to do this for the Residents and make them happy.”

According to Mallett, they did just that. “Our Residents love the changes,” she said, adding, “it’s really been great having them here,” of the volunteers.

Check out pictures from the week here:

Thank you to each and every one of our awesome Catholic HEART Workcamp volunteers!

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