Celebrate Good Times Gala 2019: The Circus

Thank you! For joining us at our 7th annual Celebrate Good Times Gala at The Circus!

What better way to showcase American Training’s 40th Anniversary year than with an absolute Outrageously Memorable evening of WOW! Magic, complete with world class decorations, extraordinary company, incredible entertainment, delicious food, and the celebration of our very own American Training Family members at The Circus!

Our Guests & Residents were joined by you, members of the community, friends, family and our very own cast of Circus Performers… the Ringmaster, Fortune Teller, Strong Man, Human Cannon Ball, Lion Tamer, Juggler, Acrobat, Mime, Puppeteer, and all of the Circus Animals to celebrate the accomplishments of the people that we serve with our unique WOW! Magic! And anyone who was there will tell you, that we were all literally transported out of this world and into another, complete with Circus tent, ticket booth, midway games, roaming performers, concession stands, a pony, and so much more!

Thank you! For joining us and being a part of our WOW! Magic at the #1 Greatest Show on Earth!

Check out some photos of the evening below!



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