Bellevue Cemetery Volunteer Day

Bellevue Cemetery Volunteer Day

At American Training the terms dignity and respect are a two-way street.  When one of our Colleagues read about the less than favorable conditions that existed at the Bellevue Cemetery in Lawrence, she knew there was a way we could give back.

The very next day we had a team of Guests out there volunteering. Those interested in learning about landscaping quickly signed up to participate and spent the day raking, picking up trash and making the cemetery look beautiful.

The work was worth it. They had fun. They were together. And, most of all, they made a difference in their community and in the lives of those with loved ones at the cemetery, by returning dignity and respect to all resting peacefully at Bellevue Cemetery.

Their upbeat attitudes and hard work were recognized by the cemetery’s small staff, who asked them to return. They now bring the WOW! Magic to Bellevue Cemetery twice a week and will continue to do so throughout this fall.

Check out the full story as printed on page 7 of the July 30 issue of the Eagle Tribune.

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