American Training’s Olympic Games 2015

The 2015 American Training Olympic Games were held Tuesday, September 29, at the Greater Lawrence Technical School’s athletic fields. The day began with the running of the torch by our Colleague Ivette, an athlete march led by Ivette and our Colleagues Jocelyn and Glenda, who carried our Olympic banner, and the singing of the National Anthem by our Colleague Amy, who was accompanied by the entire crowd!

The 2015 Games, our second annual ATI Olympic Games, featured the following sports and athletic competitions: football, soccer, 50m dash, frisbee throw, weighted rope pull and tennis ball throw. Roughly 100 athletes attended and participated, with even more fans in the stands, cheering them on.

Our Guests, ran, threw, pulled and played their way to personal and team victories! And we had lots of help throughout the day. Greater Lawrence Technical School not only offered us the field and stadium for the day, but they provided us with wonderful volunteers from the Health Careers Program.

Though many of the competitions were close, the top finishers for each event were as follows:
Tennis ball throw: Jeff M., Ashley, Amber, Danny, Cory
Frisbee throw: Scott, Tito, Amy, Jeffrey, Ron S.
Weighted rope pull: Tito R., Miguel C., Stephane, Lauri S., Amy
50-meter dash: BJ, Donna, Sharrifa, Tom, Jeff

Our soccer and football games were intense, but ultimately Andover claimed victory for both. Colleague Yahaira coached her soccer team to a 4-0 shutout victory over Colleague and coach George’s Lowell team. And Colleague Roberto’s Lowell team put up a good fight against coach and Colleague Josh’s Andover team, with Andover claiming a 21-7 victory.

Still, it wasn’t about who won the game or who ran the fastest, it was about getting out and competing, playing, pushing ourselves, and having a good time with our ATI family. And we had a blast together! Just check out the pictures below!

Thank you to our Colleagues who organized the event, the wonderful volunteers who helped out, GLTS for the field and help, Andover TV for filming, and our athletes for their great sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

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