A CandyLand Christmas!

Can you feel it in the air? It’s WOW! Magic! And American Training, Inc is showcasing this firsthand as we present “A CandyLand Christmas”

We kicked off this year’s Holiday Season on Friday December 1st by inviting members of the community to A Christmas in CandyLand party at our 6 Campanelli Drive, Andover MA. location where we announced being the recipients of the Boston Globe’s 2023 “Top Places to Work”; while showcasing our lobby – a WOW! Magical destination created with decorations hand crafted by our very own Colleagues, Students, and Guests. Working for weeks on this project, we literally transformed our main office into a giant life sized CandyLand gameboard that you will have to see for yourself to believe. This Extraordinary experience was made complete with Peppermint Forest, Ginger Lane, Chocolate Mountain, Gumdrop Alley, and Ice Cream Peaks, and featured none other than Santa, Mrs. Claus, their Elves, and a slew of WOW! Magical Candy Characters!

We will have our A CandyLand Christmas destination open and on display throughout the Holiday Season. If you would like to schedule a group to experience it, and have photos taken with Santa and his cast of CandyLand characters, please reach out to StephanieBradbury@americantraininginc.com.

Check out some photos of the event below.

About American Training

American Training, Inc. is a non-profit organization based  in the Merrimack Valley, who for over 40 years, have provided housing, education, training & support services to people with disabilities, youth at risk & adult learners who are looking for a pathway towards a more meaningful life. Annually we provide services to over 1,000 people throughout the Merrimack Valley and beyond.

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