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About American Training, Inc.

Who We Are

American Training, Inc. is a dedicated and passionate family of colleagues who, since 1979, have been making available to people of northeastern Massachusetts our premier, award-winning workforce development, day habilitation, and work and residential programs. We compliment these programs with some of the area’s most dynamic support services in the areas of transportation, counseling, work-preparedness seminars, and advocacy.

We have developed a reputation for solid performance among the partner agencies funding us, as well as those guests, students, and residents directly involved in using our services. People with disabilities, youth, youth-at-risk, the unemployed, underemployed, lifelong adult learners, and those looking to get the most out of life have chosen us as one of the area’s most effective sources of independence, personal growth, and work-readiness skills. Our activities are licensed and accredited at the national, state, and local levels in recognition of the highest quality and satisfaction that every colleague is committed to delivering each and every day.

As a company, American Training is fully committed to Bringing Out the Best In Everyone We Touch by using proven methods leading to lives that are fuller and more meaningful. We provide our services in a unique environment and in a distinct manner that you cannot find anywhere. We are recognized for our WOW! Philosophy, which describes the fun and entertainment we incorporate in our activities, while always acknowledging dignity and respect for each person.

Our six highly specialized divisions and 12 homes are located at 21 sites in 12 cities and towns north of Boston. With a budget of $17 million, we employ over 300 colleagues from various backgrounds and experiences. We have quietly grown to become one of the City of Lawrence’s largest employers.

Our Customers

  • People with disabilities
  • Parents of people with disabilities
  • Youth
  • Youth-at-risk
  • Young teen parents
  • The unemployed
  • The underemployed
  • Lifelong adult learners
  • Those looking to get the most out of life

Our Services

Vocational Assessment: Identifying skills and educational levels and suggested plans of action to become more marketable in the workforce.

Personal Counseling: Meeting the unique personal needs of each individual.

Clinical Counseling: Monitoring and recommending solutions for those with mental illness or severe behavioral issues.

Day Habilitation: Learning how to cook, take care of one’s personal needs, and socialize with peers and others while becoming active members of the community.

Residential: Helping people with disabilities attain even greater independence by living in single-family neighborhood homes and/or individual apartments.

Direct Placement: Targeting opportunities for part-time and full-time employment.

Supported Employment: Giving people with disabilities customized support to help get and maintain their jobs.

Technical Training and Education: Introducing and teaching college-level courses to lifelong learners looking to excel to the next step in their career-building process.

Assembly/Fulfillment/Manufacturing: Outsourcing services to manufacturers and other such businesses.

Transportation: Assuring safe, reliable, and entertaining door-to-door travel through our fleet of more than 50 vehicles.

Through our guest-, student-, and resident-centered focus you can be assured that you are getting highly professional services delivered by some of the most knowledgeable and passionate colleagues in the field.