Contract Services

"Well, imagine that! The American work ethic is alive and well with People with Disabilities."
Ralph Fillipon, Director of Business Development

Welcome to Contract Services. The in-source alternative to your outsourcing needs. We do fulfillment, assembly and packaging pretty darn good. You get the highest quality, quick turnaround and on-time satisfaction; while saving money. How’s that for a great Return on Investment!

Our Guarantee

Here is our guarantee. Your work will be done to your satisfaction. Period. Or we’ll eat it! It’s that simple. Why are we so confident? After 35 years in business, we are proud to introduce the in-source alternative to your outsourcing needs in fulfillment, packaging and assembly work. We know how and where we can save you money, time, or both.

How We Do It

1) Competitive Pricing With our in-sourcing program, costs are known right up front. No surprises. You pay only for the work we do. You don’t pay for coffee/smoking breaks or costly overhead benefits. 2) Quick Turnaround & On-Time Performance Our quick turnaround and on-time performance are ranked strongest by companies doing business with us. We are flexible and adjust quickly to meet your expectations and time-lines. 3) First-Rate Quality We don’t compromise. Our quality is measured to your unique and customized standards. Using multiple levels of checking and working closely with your internal project supervisors, when your work is completed, you can be sure it was done right.

Keeping Jobs Local

Keeping your jobs local in your own community is something to be proud of. Incorporating our in-sourcing program into your workforce helps you accomplish that. We are right here in your own backyard.

Rewards Far Beyond the Bottom Line

Let’s face it. Making money is one thing. But, making money and doing good at the same time takes your efforts to a whole new level. Every paycheck that our People with Disabilities put into their pockets helps make them more productive and their lives more meaningful. And in the end, isn’t that what really matters?

Contact Us

If you’d like more information on how American Training’s Contract Services can benefit your business operations, please feel free to contact Joe Robichaud: Cell: 978-361-6642 Email:

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